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RFID temperature data loggers


RFID Temperature loggers use the technology of RFID to transfer the data. A temperature data logger is used to record the temperature.  This article explains A927ZET Temperature Logger UHF Semi-Passive Tag with External Probe. This is manufactured by CAEN RFID, Italy.

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Temperature controller with Time delay


WE are supplying various types of temperature controllers which can use multiple thermocouple sensors. Also this model has time adjustment which can be suitably programmed to meet your requirements. OC14 48×48 Time Adjust Temperature Controller We are supplying various models

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Concrete thermometer with recording and printer


This instrument can measure, record and take immediate printouts of the temperature of the concrete during the pouring and curing process of the concrete. This is essential to ensure that the curing process is proper and hence maintains good quality.

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Clean room & Air quality monitoring with alert


Clean rooms are used for various high process industries such as electronic components manufacturing, research labs, medicine labs etc. The clean rooms are highly controlled for various environment conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, particles, air flow, air quality, chemical vapour

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Temperature & humidity analysis & alert for a data center

For a data center temperature and humidity should be always under control and need to be controlled conditions. In order to check the same, a data center should be thoroughly studied at least once in a year for the following.

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Why & How to record door opening and closing of refrigerators & freezers?


For many critical refrigerators and freezers such as for medical applications, the door opening need to be monitored continuously. The door should be opened for only short intervals and there should be sufficient duration between door openings. Medical Refrigerators and

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Vacker Group provides Temperature Mapping Study & Qualification in India


Vacker Group has been the biggest provider of Temperature mapping study & qualification in the Middle East for Pharmaceutical industry. Vacker has been providing temperature mapping study (also Temperature & humidity mapping study) for vans, cold rooms, ware houses, reefers,

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What is the function of liquid bottle in a medical refrigerator?


You might have seen that the temperature sensor inside a medical refrigerator is placed inside a bottle with a liquid. Have you ever wondered purpose of the same? Temperature monitoring of refrigerator The temperature inside a refrigerator is monitored and

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How to reduce humidity of data center and server rooms?


As data centers and server rooms maintain a low temperature of 18-23°C, the humidity of such rooms tend to increase. Why the humidity goes high in data centers and server rooms? As the servers need to have controlled temperature, the

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Wireless & WiFi medical Refrigerator Temperature Alarm


Medical refrigerators need to be monitored continuously especially for temperature variations. Various medical refrigerators under this category are: Blood bank refrigerator (2 to 7°C) Reagent refrigerator (2 to 8°C) Pharmacy refrigerators (2 to 8°C) Medicine refrigerator (2 to 8°C) Vaccine refrigerator (different

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