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New website of Vacker Group, Middle East

Vacker Group of companies is involved in various Engineering oriented business segments in all Middle East countries and in India. Vacker Group is having current activities in the following segments in different countries: Industrial Automation and Process automation. This segment

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Industrial freezer with temperature monitoring


Industrial freezers are used to store temperature sensitive products under controlled conditions.  The freezers can achieve and maintain temperature as low as -40°C. Industrial freezers are used typically to store the following: Frozen food items such as chicken, meat etc.

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How to select Server room monitoring system


We are briefing about the major parameters to be monitored in a server room or data center. What are the major parameters to be monitored in a server room? The major parameters to be monitored are: Temperature – Temperature is

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Temperature mapping using thermal imaging for Pharmaceutical industry


Temperature mapping is generally carried out for storage and transportation facilities of medicines, vaccines etc. such as cold rooms, walk in chillers, reefers, containers, ware houses, refrigerators etc. Please see more on temperature mapping study & qualification Methodology of Temperature

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Different models of Temperature & Humidity data loggers


Various models of Temperature & Humidity data loggers being supplied by Vacker UAE are listed here. Please contact us for any of your requirements for recording and monitoring of Temperature & Humidity.(Temperature & RH) There are different models of data

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What is over temperature warning system ?


In any of the temperature sensitive areas it is essential that the temperature has to be monitored continuously. Typical examples of such sensitive areas are: Cold rooms Walk in freezers Chillers Refrigerators Blood Banks Pharmaceutical storage areas Data centers Server

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Validation protocol for wireless temperature monitoring

As part of validation of cold chain management systems, the temperature monitoring systems of the cold chain need to be validated as well. What is validation? Validation is the process of validating the measurement and monitoring devices used for monitoring

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Different models of Temperature Data Loggers


VackerGlobal supplies a wide range of temperature data loggers. These are for applications such as Pharma, life care, agriculture, logistics etc. Few of our major models are listed herein. Technical data sheet of  iMini series Temperature data logger(pdf) Sample reports :

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Thermo Hygrometer with Min/Max reading and alert


Thermo hygrometer is a meter used for measuring temperature and humidity. Hygrometer is used only for reading humidity, but generally this meter manufactured by various companies comes as a combined unit for temperature and humidity. Thermo hygrometers are also known

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MKT is still relevant for Pharmaceuticals? How it will misguide you?


Mean Kinetic Temperature also known as MKT is widely used in various industries including Pharmaceutical industry. This article is trying to analyze the relevance of MKT in Pharmaceutical industry for medicines, vaccines etc. What is Mean Kinetic Temperature or MKT?

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