Plug & Play ATM Monitoring System Devices

ATM Monitoring SystemTemperature and humidity monitoring of ATM machine cabins are important for the proper functioning of the ATMs. High temperature or humidity will affect the performance of the ATMs. Our ATM monitoring system is a simple plug and play system which does not require an internet connection.

ATM temperature monitoring system operating with SIM card

This device does not require any internet connection and can work independently using a SIM card. You can use a SIM card with or without a data package. ATM Monitoring System for controlling humidity, temperature.If you are using a SIM card without a data package, it will generate only phone call and SMS alerts. If you use a SIM card with the data package, it can transmit the data continuously to a server and you can record the readings continuously. In this case, it will transmit the data every 5 minutes to a cloud-based server.

You can view the report remotely and take weekly or monthly readings. However, if you do not want to record the data and only need the alerts, you need only a normal SIM card. In this case, you can program the upper and lower alert levels for both temperature and humidity of the ATM cabin. If the temperature or humidity goes above or. Below these levels, it will generate phone call and SMS alerts. It will generate these alerts to 5 operators.

Programming of the ATM monitoring system

You can change the programming remotely using our cloud-based software. For this purpose, you will need a SIM ATM Monitoring Applicationscard with an internet data package. You can change the following programmings:
The telephone numbers to which the phone calls are made.
The upper and lower alerts levels of temperature and humidity.

Major features of our ATM monitoring system with temperature, power failure and theft prevention:

You do not need an internet connection or connection to your server. This is a complete stand-alone system operating with a SIM card.
You only need to insert the SIM card and connect to a normal power supply.ATM Monitoring devices
It has a backup battery which will work in case of a power failure. In case of a power failure, it will generate SMS alert to the operators.
Also when the power is restored, it will send one more SMS to inform that the power has been restored.
You can see the recorded data in our software over the internet.
You can download the data in the form of monthly or weekly reports.
How to install our ATM temperature monitoring system.
The system is very simple to install and does not require our support. While ordering the system, you need to provide us with the phone numbers to which the alerts should be generated. Also, you should give us the temperature and humidity levels above which alert has to be made. We will be programming these data onto the device before despatch.

Now upon receipt of the system, you simply need to insert a SIM card and connect to power. It starts working. You will not need even a technician for installing the device. If the SIM card is with the data package, we can change the programming remotely. VackerGlobal provides free programming support for unto 2 years from the date of supply. Your technicians also can reprogram the device using this online software.

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