Clean room & Air quality monitoring with alert

Clean rooms are used for various high process industries such as electronic components manufacturing, research labs, medicine labs etc. The clean rooms are highly controlled for various environment conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, particles, air flow, air quality, chemical vapour content in the air, micro organisms in the air etc. These are achieved through various filter, HVAC sytems etc. Any change in the controlled conditions are critical for the operations.clean-room--air-quality-monitoring-uae-kuwait-saudi-qatar-oman-iraq

What are classifications of Clean rooms?

The requirement of a clean room is defined by international standards such as ISO 14644-1 clean room standards. For detailed explanation of these standards you may have a look at the relevant section of Wikipedia on clean rooms.

Recording, Monitoring & Alert systems for clean rooms

We provide various systems for monitoring and alerts of clean rooms and hence in this article we are focusing mainly on this subject. This also involves air quality monitoring. We provide such systems with following features:

  • What are the parameters to be monitored in a clean room?clean-room-air-quality-monitoring-systems

The parameters to be monitored are mainly based on the type of the room as per classification explained previously. However the major parameters being monitored across all categories are:

Temperature of the room : The controlled temperature of the room has to be maintained within certain high and low limits. Hence temperature need to be continuously monitored and recorded. Depending on the room , sampling interval of 1 to 5 minutes are typically maintained for collecting data

Humidity of the cold room : Humidity also is a major controlled parameter since high humidity means high moisture level which is adverse for all normal special conditions. (In order to control humidity you may use dehumidifiers being supplied by us)

Pressure of the room : The pressure will be controlled in most of the clean rooms and hence need to be monitoredclean-room-monitoring-with-phone-alert

Water leakage or excessive moisture condensation : It is possible that due to condensation water formation may happen inside certain areas or on certain equipment which need to be quickly controlled.

Air quality monitoring : Air quality will involve various factors such as particle count, vapour content in the air, Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide etc. and is usually measured in ppm.

  • Features of our Recording, monitoring & alert system for clean room and air quality monitoring

    The major features of our monitoring systems are brief below:

  1. Connects through WiFi or Wired Ethernet
  2. Works even in case of power failure
  3. Works even in case of server failure
  4. Fully Independent standalone system
  5. Simple plug and play operation and works independent of your existing system
  6. Phone call & SMS alert will be generated to 10 operators. The recorded voice will convey the nature and location of alert.
  7. Operated through SIM card and hence fully independent
  8. The device has own memory capable of recording data for months
  9. The recorded data can be seen through internet
  10. various sensors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon dioxide, air quality, water leakage etc. can be connected
  11. Various separate sensors can be added for air quality monitoring
  12. Can generate email, SMS and voice call alerts. SMS and email will indicate exact nature of the fault.
Other recording monitoring & alert systems by Vacker

We provide various monitoring systems with phone call for critical industries such as cold rooms, warehouses, refrigerators, vehicles, data centers, server rooms etc.

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