Cold Chain Management Solutions

Cold Chain Management is a combination of multitude of activities to ensure that various temperature sensitive products such as medicine, vaccine, blood, samples, tissues, food etc. are stored and transported at the correct temperature from the point of manufacturer through transportation until it reaches the end user or consumer through distribution channels. If the chain is broken at any point, the product becomes inferior in its quality.

Products and Solutions for Cold Chain Management

Various processes covered under Cold Chain Management as being undertaken by Vacker UAE are briefly described here:

a. Data recording of Temperature & Humidity

This is recording of temperature throughout the entire chain of logistics operations. Simplest procedure is to place a data logger inside the temperature controlled   box. The data logger will continuously record the data and can be downloaded at any intermediate point to check that the product has been under correct temperature until such time. This product range consists of various data loggers and multi channel data loggers.

b. Real time monitoring of Temperature & Humidity

This involves continuous monitoring of data through various means including GPRS transmission. In this case the consignment is continuously monitored from a base station. The data will be continuously recorded and alerts can be generated in case the temperature goes beyond permitted limits. These include wireless monitoring systems

c. Packaging Solutions

This involves supply of various packing solutions such as thermal insulated boxes, active and passive boxes etc. for storage and transportation of medicine, vaccines etc.

d. Temperature Mapping Study, validation and Qualification

Temperature mapping study is also known as Temperature distribution study to check whether the temperature inside the assets (warehouse, cold room, van, reefer, box etc.) always remain within the desired levels. Please see more about temperature mapping study and Qualification process.

e. Cold Chain Consultancy

Cold chain consultancy is a complete set of consultancy for storage and distribution of temperature controlled goods. This involves selection and design of proper cold rooms, warehouses, vans etc.

f. Temperature profile study

Temperature profile study is making a temperature profile for each country and for each application. eg. When a customer wants to check the performance of a box or a van, the performance is compared against this thermal profile and analysed to check whether contents will be affected.

g. Distribution Simulation Testing

This is simulating the distribution of a temperature controlled good such as medicine. eg. In a delivery situation, a thermally insulated box will be passing through different conditions such as multiple opening, multiple times getting in and out of the van etc. A simulation is carried out to study the effects of various such operational parameters and to recommend the most suitable conditions.

h. Thermal Package Testing

This is testing of various packaging materials to study their capability to retain the temperature. The products are tested under simulated conditions and compared against thermal profile of the corresponding country or location as the case may be.


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  1. Steve says:

    We have 3@ 200 sqft 40f cold rooms and need to have better moisture control <60RH.
    TTR 200 ?

    Which data logger do you recommend; real time, with alerts

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