Portable Cold Chain Monitoring System

cold-chain-monitoring-solutions-vackerglobalVackerUAE monitoring is one of the leading companies in the GCC region that provides expertise in cold chain monitoring systems and products. Cold chain management involves the proper management and storage of goods and products that are sensitive to temperature. Cold chain monitoring includes handling of products like vegetables, dairy products, vaccines, medicines, etc. Since the quality and efficiency of such products is vastly affected by a temperature change, it becomes important to record the temperature and humidity of various modes it passes through to reach the customers. VackerUAE supplies a wide range of monitoring solutions for cold chain monitoring. Some of our products and services are described below:

Temperature recorder with printer for vehiclestemperature-tracking-for-vehicles-vackerglobal

This monitoring system is specially designed to keep track of the temperature inside the vehicles while goods are being transported. The device can show the current reading digitally and comes with an alert system to alert the user if the temperature exceeds more than the permitted level. The temperature limit in the device can be set manually by the user. The device is equipped with two sensors that remain connected with the refrigerated compartment of the vehicle which keeps track of temperature for every second. The recorded data can easily be printed out with the help of the printer attached to the device.

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Temperature tracking system for vehicles, vans and trucks

Many temperature-sensitive products are carried in vans, trucks and other types of vehicles. These vans, trucks etc. have a special compartment that is refrigerated to keep the products safe during transportation. The system makes use of Global Positioning system (GPS) and GPRS. The GPS system keeps track of the location of vehicles and the device records the temperature. This helps to draw a relation between the variations of temperature in the refrigerated compartment of the vehicle according to the location. The device can also keep track of humidity inside the compartment. The user can also add an alert system which can alert the user with a phone call, SMS and Email if the temperature or humidity goes out of range of the desired level. All the alert systems in the device are optional.

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gps-temperature-tracking-for-vehicles-cold-chain-vackerglobalWhat is the main difference between GPRS and GPS temperature monitoring?

Well, this is an obvious question in which many people ponder upon. In a GPS system, the system is capable of only tracking the vehicle and is not capable of transmitting any other data to the server. While a GPRS system uses a Sim Card that allows the recorded data be transmitted to the server. Generally, a GPRS system is much more expensive than GPS system due to internet data usage.

SMS temperature tracking for long haul trucks

VackerUAE provides the most economic temperature tracking systems for long-haul trucks using the GPRS system. With the installation of this system, the customer will receive the temperature condition of the refrigerated compartment every hour. The system will automatically send SMS to three mobile numbers used by operators. The system does not consist of any extra charges and the charge is only for the SMS. If the vehicle is moving far away or to other countries then a card with roaming card can be used which makes it possible for the user to keep track of vehicles even in the foreign countries.

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data-logger-with-printer-vackerglobalTemperature data logger with printer

This device can be considered as a thermometer that has the capability to print out the readings. The device is used generally for the transportation of products such as medicines. The data logger (Read more on Data Loggers) is very easy to use and the recorded data from the data logger can be printed out without the help of any computer.

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