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Control, Record & Monitoring of Temperature & Humidity

Frozen Food, Medicines etc. should be stored between certain temperature range e.g. medicine is to be kept between 2°C and 8°C and for even minor variations, the medicine will be spoilt.

If the medicine goes to 0 °C, it is frozen and becomes spoilt. Same is the case if the temperature goes above 8 °C.

In a manual system, you will not know if temperature has gone to zero and came back to normal temperature in the midnight. When you check in the morning, you will see that the freezer is working perfectly and will never know that the medicine is already spoilt.

Our device will continuously record the temperature and humidity and will send SMS or make phone calls if there is an error.
The device will monitor the temperature and humidity continuously and will be recorded:
• In the instrument itself and no need to connect to a PC (for a local operator)
• In a local PC (for the nearby operator)
• In a network PC (For a remotely sitting Supervisor)
• In Internet (For the supplier or Senior Management)

The data can be downloaded as a tabular sheet or as a graph
You can check for anytime in the last few years whether your medicines, blood, tissue etc. were stored in proper temperature

If the temperature goes out of the temperature range eg. below 2°C or above 8°C:

• A local alarm is sounded
• SMS is sent automatically up to 4 mobile devices
• A phone call is made to 4 mobile devices until one of them picks up the call.

Also same alerts will be made in case of power failure, compressor failure etc.

If you do not want to connect to a computer, you can see the temperature history in the local small LCD screen and the data will be stored inside the instrument up to one and half years. You only need to bring a laptop to download the data once in a year.

It has its own battery which will last for 40 hours in case of power failure.

Operating range is -80°C to 1000°C

No monthly or yearly fees.

There are two sensors and hence will have no problem even if one of them doesn’t work

Can be used for Hospital Freezers, Mortuaries, Industrial Freezers, Art Galleries, Manufacturing plants etc.

Vacker Group provides various Temperature Monitoring solutions including data loggers and over Temperature alert system in all Middle East countries

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