Concrete thermometer with recording and printer

This instrument can measure, record and take immediate printouts of the temperature of the concrete during the pouring and curing process of the concrete. This is essential to ensure that the curing process is proper and hence maintains good quality. This digital thermometer can take inputs from the thermocouple and take readings. We will have to use new thermocouples cables every time. The concrete thermometer has a recording facility also and you can keep the device for recording if required. Also, it is a major feature that the recorded readings can be printed on an inbuilt printer.concrete-thermometer-with-recorder-and-printer

Technical details of the concrete thermometer printer with a probe

  1. 2 Nos. “K” type thermocouple can be connected. The display will show the 2 readings and the difference of these two readings on the LCD display.
  2. The printed record will indicate time, date & temperature.
  3. The company name can be printed on the inbuilt printer.
  4. The temperature range is -200C up to +1300 C by changing suitable probes.
  5. The size of the thermometer is 150mm x 3 mm with 1-meter cable on the probe.
  6. Includes a 4000 point data logger, computer interface kit, and software.
  7. The user can connect the device to a computer and download all recorded data.
  8. The accuracy of measurement is +/- 0.7°C and resolution is 0.1°C.

Products details for recording and printing meter for the temperature of concrete during the concrete curing process

  1. Brief Title of the device: Thermometer with thermocouples for measuring, recording and printing temperature of concrete during the curing process.
  2. Brief Description of the device: This instrument can measurement using a thermocouple. You have to insert the thermocouple into concrete during the curing process. It can record and also take printout using its inbuilt printer.
  3. Seller: VackerGlobal

Please see our separate article for more types of concrete temperature measuring instruments during the curing process.

Also, you may see details of our multichannel temperature recorder for recording hundreds of points during the concrete curing process. It can connect hundreds of temperature probes and this data logger can measure and record simultaneously.

We provide design, supply, installation and commissioning of products and solutions for temperature measurement during the curing process of concrete.

The device is manufactured by HLP controls, Australia



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