These solutions are for Monitoring, Recording and generating Phone call/ SMS / email alerts of Temperature & Humidity of Data Centers and Server Rooms. These are generically termed as Environment Monitoring of Data Center/Server rooms
Technical Specifications

Sl. No Technical Parameters “Option 1
4 sensors for 4 areas (Max distance 30 mtr from the instrument)” “Option 2
2 sensors for one area or 3 mtrs from instrument”

1 Number of Sensors 4 (Note 1) 2 (Note 2)
2 Battery Back up Yes Yes
3 Period of continuous recording with Battery 2 Months 2 Months
4 Local recording Yes Yes
5 Local Graph display Yes No
6 AC Compressor monitoring Optional Optional
7 PC connected and storage Yes Yes
8 Phone call alert on occurrence of faults optional Optional
9 Local Siren on occurrence of faults optional Optional
10 SMS on occurrence of faults optional Optional
11 Email Alert optional Optional
12 Mode of communication LAN or Local Download LAN or local download
13 Warranty 1 year 1 year
14 Fully Standalone system Yes Yes
15 Country of manufacture USA Japan

Note 1: Each sensors can be placed at a distance of 30 meters from the instrument. Hence it can be used to monitor 4 rooms, refrigerators, freezer etc. We can use either Temperature or Humidity sensors
Note 2 : Two sensors can be placed 3 meters from the instrument. So if two rooms are nearby, one instrument can be used to monitor two rooms. We can use either Temperature or Humidity sensors
Note 3: “For any of the fault condition, a phone call will be automatically made to 4 operators until one of them picks up the call and acknowledge the call by pressing # button. There is a recorded message indicating the fault condition which the attendee can listen to. Also an SMS will be sent to each person until one of them acknowledges the phone call. If the first person does not pick the call, the second person will be called and so on. These 4 mobile numbers will be tried in a circular fashion until one of them picks up the phone.
If the fault remains after a duration (eg. 15 minutes), the calls will be made once again and so on.

The system can also generate alerts for Water leakage, Smoke, fire etc. in Data Centers

Vacker Group, UAE provides various Environment Monitoring solutions for Data Centers, Server Rooms etc. across all Middle East countries

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