How to reduce humidity of data center and server rooms?

As data centers and server rooms maintain a low temperature of 18-23°C, the humidity of such rooms tend to increase.

Why the humidity goes high in data centers and server rooms?

As the servers need to have controlled temperature, the room temperature will be normally maintained at around 20°C. If we consider a server room situated in a big hall, the temperature of the server room will be maintained lower than the surrounding hall. Of course the server room will be closed. The surrounding area might be at a temperature of around 25°C. As soon as the door of the server room is opened, the humidity of the hall tends to get absorbed into the server room, since the room is at a lower temperature. Humidity always gets attracted to a room of lower temperature. This can also happen if the door of the server room is not 100% air tight. In such case, the humidity gradually enters into the server room from the outside area through this air gaps. Hence humidity of colder areas always tend to be higher than the surrounding area.

How humidity affects the equipment in server room?

Humidity is moisture content which is water. in a server room, there are different hot and cold areas depending on the type of instruments. This further aggravates the problem of humidity distribution. This will cause moisture deposit in electronic components or connectors which in the course of time will cause damages. Also it will cause formation of molds on the walls, on panels etc.

How to reduce the humidity of the server room and data centers?dehumidifier-for-server-rooms

In order to reduce the humidity, dehumidifiers are required. Depending on the size of the room, the capacity of the dehumidifier need to be calculated. The dehumidifier processes the air inside the room and converts the moisture content into water. This water can be automatically drained out of the room through a drain pipe.

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How to monitor humidity levels in server room and data centers?

you can record and monitor humidity inside any area and can receive email, SMS and phone call alerts in case temperature or humidity goes above the desired limits.

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