Disposable/Reusable USB Data Logger for Temperature Monitoring of Cargo, Chemicals etc.



The iMini USB PDF single trip data logger with plug & Play technology 

This USB generates a comprehensive PDF report without the need for

proprietary software or interface.  This user-friendly temperature recorder comes preprogrammed as 4 days, 7 days, and 10 days or any custom configuration including temperature, interval and a start delay.Single Use USB Data Logger

With its newly expanded 4 alarm threshold capability, the iMini USB PDF is the ideal solution for the food, pharmaceutical and life science industries.  It is available with either a factory issued statement of accuracy or NIST traceable certificate of calibration.  The compact profile and lightweight design, along with the waterproof pouch allows this data logger to go virtually anywhere.

  1. Plug & Play type single-use data logger which will not require any special software to download the data.
  2. No special software for downloading the data.
  3. Automatically opens a PDF report.
  4. Preprogrammed to customer’s specification such as sampling interval, alert levels, delay time etc.
  5. Compact profile weighing less than 14g.
  6. Contained in a waterproof pouch.disposable-single-use-usb-temperature-recorder-data-logger
  7. A large memory capacity of 7928 readings, which will last for 54 days with a data recording frequency of 10 minutes.
  8. Five LEDs provide instant status whether it exceeded any alert levels.

Watch the video

Download Manual (pdf document ; 4 pages; opens in a new window)

There are two models available viz.MS-ST-S-8  & MS-ST-S-8 -P

The second model comes with an inbuilt calibration certificate which is NIST traceable.

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Single use data logger with LCD Display

Also, we supply various another type of reusable temperature & humidity data loggers and other monitoring solutions and software for cold rooms, server rooms, data centers, pharmaceutical/medicine/vaccine warehouses, food storage facilities etc.

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Please see operation and functioning of the logger in this video

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