Disposable, programmable USB Temperature Data Logger : UAE



This sophisticated Temperature data logger is manufactured by Cryopak, USA and marketed under the Brand name Escort.

The device is programmable by customer with a free downloadable software.single-use-temperature-data-logger-video

Features of USB type Temperature data logger

    • Recording by Start and Stop buttons
    • Stop button can be disabled. In such case the recording will stop either when inserted in to a computer or when memory is full
    • No software required for reading the data
    • Sample reports

USB Temperature Data Logger  automatic pdf sample report

USB Temperature Data Logger automatic Excel Sample report

USB Temperature Data Logger automatic Text Sample report

Pharma compliant USB data logger – sample report with in built calibration certificate

  •  5 LEDs to indicate whether the temperature has gone above or below the alert levels during the recording time
    • Simply insert into a PC and pdf, excel and text files will be automatically generated
    • The device can be programmed using a simple down loadable free software
    • The logger can be reprogrammed any number of times until starting of recording
    • There are two models. The higher version comes with a calibration report which is part of the pdf report.
    • comes with a water pouch for protection from moistureUSB temperature data logger


  • Each device comes with a factory test certificate
  • capacity of 8000 readings (If reading is taken every 60 minutes, data can be recorded for one year. If reading is taken every 15 minutes, dat can be recorded for 80 days)
  • The data logger is extremely cheap in price comparable to any other products presently available.
  • There are two models available.  One for normal use without calibration certificate. Second type is with in built calibration report which will be part of the automatically generated pdf report. Each logger has in built calibration which is traceable to NIST standards
  • Programmable to your own time zone

Programming parameters of single use data logger

The following parameters can be programmed

  • Enable or Disable Alerts
  • Two higher alert levels
  • Two lower alert levels
  • Disposable temperature data loggerDelay for lower and higher limits after which the LEDs will start blinking indicating that alert level has crossed
  • Recording period & Sampling interval
  • It can be programmed to record for a certain number of days eg. 15 days
  • How to start and stop the recording
  • It can be programmed to start the recording automatically on a certain date and time
  • Similarly the recording can be stopped automatically on a certain date and time

Technical Specification of iMini USB Single use temperature data logger

Please see our videos on operation and functioning of these data loggers

Similar data logger with LCD display also has been recently launched (Sept 2015). All functionalities are same as above, but comes with a small LCD screen to display the current readings.

Vacker is the authorised dealer for Cryopak, USA make data loggers and temperature monitoring solutions. Vacker operates in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain & Iraq

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