What is the function of liquid bottle in a medical refrigerator?

You might have seen that the temperature sensor inside a medical refrigerator is placed inside a bottle with a liqtemperature-sensor-with-glycol-bottle-for-refrigeratorsuid. Have you ever wondered purpose of the same?

Temperature monitoring of refrigerator

The temperature inside a refrigerator is monitored and recorded using temperature sensors with connected instruments for recording the readings, generating alerts etc. Please read more on our solutions for temperature monitoring of refrigerators.

Why the sensor has to be inserted in a bottle?glycol-bottle-for-refrigerator-monitoring

A refrigerator is opened many many times in a day. If the sensor is placed just inside the refrigerator, the temperature of the air inside the refrigerator is measured, recorded and monitored. eg. you might have set an email, SMS or phone call alert if the temperature goes above permitted level of 8 Degree Centigrade. Hence in such cases the alarm system will be activated as soon as the door is opened, and thus causing a nuisance due to repeated alerts in a day.

Even if the temperature of the air goes above 8 Degrees, the temperature of the stored medicines or vaccines is not going above 8 degree simultaneously. The rise in temperature of the medicine or vaccine is slow and hence an alert condition is not required as soon as the air temperature goes above 8 Degree C. wifi-refrigerator-monitoring-with-glycol-bottleHence ideally the temperature of the medicine is to be measured and recorded. It is not possible to record the temperature of each medicine.

Hence the temperature of another substance having similar thermal characteristics as that of a medicine has to be monitored. For this reason, the temperature sensor is inserted in a bottle containing Glycol or Glycerin.

In effect the liquid acts as temperature damper so that quick variations are not reflected in the readings and hence false alarms also are not generated.

What is tdata-logger-for-glycol-bottlehe liquid generally used?

Glycol is the most perfect liquid having and hence Glycol bottles can be used inside the refrigerators. Glicerin also is frequently used since it is easily available.  The bottles will be small plastic bottles having a lid and a small hole for inserting the sensor. The Glycol bottles can be fixed on the interior side wall of the refrigerators.

Please see our main page on temperature monitoring solutions for refrigerators


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