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This data logger generates the Mean Kinetic Value (MKT value) in its report of recorded data. As an example, we will consider transportation of a medicine betweem 2°C to 8°C. If you start the data logger at the beginning of transportation of the medicine, it will record data continuously. At the end of the journey, the receiving customer may simply download the data. It will give individual readings, a graph and the summary. Suppose the readings exceeded tehlimits few times during the trip. The summary will indicate the excursions and the MKT value. EVenthough the individual readings have exxeced tehlimits few times, customer may check the MKT value. If the MKT value is between 2°C and 8°C, the customer can at his discretion accept the goods.

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  1. walter says:

    i would like to get data logger that for map checking for 7 days and it could check temperature and humidity MAX and MIN and MKT

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