How to reduce humidity for pharmacies?

Generally for pharmaceutical storage areas, the humidity should be below 65%. This has been a general rule for pharmaceutical warehouse, cold rooms etc. However recently, many authorities have started implementing the same for pharmaceutical retailers ie. local pharmacies.

Recommended humidity for pharmacy storesdehumidifier-for-stores

Unless otherwise specified by any particular medicine manufacturer, the general recommended humidity is a maximum relative humidity of 65%. The humidity inside your pharmacy may depend on different parameters, but the external humidity is the main factor. If you are in a country having high humidity, it is only natural to have a higher humidity inside the store as well. In many Middle East countries, the humidity is high and the stores are air conditioned. Since the temperature inside the store is lower, it attracts more humidity into the store. In such cases the humidity goes to 75% to 80% RH. This is higher than recommended levels of most of the medicine manufacturers.

How to reduce humidity inside the pharmacy stores?

In order to reduce humidity in any closed area, we need to use a dehumidifier. Among the different available technologies, a portable condensation dehumidifier would be the most suitable for shops, offices, homes etc. Depending on the size of the pharmacy, you have to select a suitable model based on its performance capacity. The performance capacity of a dehumidifier is in liter per hour or liters per day. The bigger the store, you need a dehumidifier of higher capacity.

Installation of a dehumidifier inside your pharmacy is simple. These machines extract water form the air. We have to drain the water periodically either manually or by drainage pipe. If you do not have provision to connect a drainage pipe, there is a water tank in the dehumidifier. Water fills into the tank continuously. Once the tank is full, the dehumidifier stops automatically. Then someone has to drain the tank manually. For continuous operation, it is easy to connect a drainage pipe.

dehumidifier-for-pharmaciesThe customer can adjust the required humidity by means of a hygrostat in the dehumidifier. If you adjust the requried humidity to 55%, the machine will work continuously until the humidity level reaches 55% RH. Then the machine automatically stops. Once the humidity rises once again, the machine will once again start working automatically.

How to select the right dehumidifier for your stores?

Depending on the size of the store, we have to select a model with suitable capacity. You may use our free software for dehumidifier calculation capacity. the capacity selection also depends on the temperature of the pharmacy. For all pharmacies, the temperature has to be below 25 Deg C. The calculation sheet also takes care of the room temperature.

Hygrometer for pharmacy stores to measure humidity

In order to measure the current humidity, you will need a humidity meter known as hygrometer or thermo hygrometer. The meter indicates current temperature and humidity. This meter will only indicate the current readings and will not record the readings.  This will help you to check the current humidity levels to ensure that the room maintains the correct levels. If you require recording of the temperature and humidity, you may have a look at our wireless continuous temperature and humidity recording systems with phone call & SMS alert.

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