How to select Server room monitoring system

We are briefing about the major parameters to be monitored in a server room or data center.

What are the major parameters to be monitored in a server room?

The major parameters to be monitored are:

  1. Temperature – Temperature is the major parameter and is of top priority. All servers produce heat and hence server-room-data-center-monitoringthe overall temperature of the room should be under control. If temperature increases, the servers automatically shut down,which has to be prevented.The temperature should be maintained around 20°C, bit never more than 25°C.
  2. Humidity – Humidity is harmful to electronic equipment. Unlike temperature, humidity, and its effects are is not immediately noticeable. The humidity should be kept at around 60-65%, but not more than 80% which is harmful. Very high humidity will cause condensation in various areas of the room.
  3. Smoke – Smoke detection is for preventing any fire in the server room.
  4. Water leakage – Water leakage in a server room can happen due to condensation or faults in HVAC system. This has  to be detected immediately and hence need continuous monitoring.
  5. Power failure – The power supply of a server room need to be continuously monitored. Of course, you’ll have backup power which will run the servers for few hours. However as soon as the power failure happens, the operators should be alerted especially on a holiday.

How to select the right solution for server room monitoring

The most important parameters while selecting a solution for monitoring and protecting your server room or data center are:

  1. The system should work even if the server is down.
  2. The system should work on battery even in the case of power failure.
  3. Alerts should be generated through a phone call and SMS to the operators, at least 4 of them so that at least one of them can attend to the problem.
  4. The phone call system should be preferably through a SIM card based system instead of a server based system. The SIM card based system will work even in the case of server failure.
  5. You should be able to monitor major parameters such as temperature and humidity through a web browser,instead of any special software. In such case, you can always check the parameters from any computer or mobile phone.
  6. It should preferably work without a static IP, which is a costly affair.

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