Humidity Indicator Cards / Labels / Strips

These are disposable cards which indicate the humidity or moisture exposure of your goods. these come in various ranges from 8% onwards and the purpose is to monitor humidity continuously. These will not record the readings as done in data loggers.

These are also known as humidity indicator strips or labels.Humidity indicator card

The cards come in continuous indication as well as 3 or 4 spot indication specifically for certain humidity levels.

Types of humidity indicator cards

Few of the regular type of cards are:

  1. 10% , 20% & 30% three spot cards.
  2. 30%, 40% & 50% three spot cards.
  3. 10%, 20%, 30% & 40% 4 spot cards.
  4. 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%,50%,60% 6 spot cards.
  5. 10% to 60%, 6 window cards.
  6. Various other models with different window combinations are available to meet all your requirements.

As the humidity increases, the chemically impregnated spots change from a blue color (DRY), through a lavender, to a pink color (HUMID). As the humidity decreases, the spots change from a pink color (HUMID), through a lavender, back to a blue color (DRY). These are irreversible cards, meaning that once color changes, it does not come back to the original color even if humidity comes back to the earlier levels.

Each of these cards is accurate to ±5% relative humidity (RH) at 75°F (24°C). These cards can be used for all goods which are to be stored under moisture controlled environment.

This card has been impregnated with a chemical and hence  may cause corrosion of some metals; therefore, it is recommended  that the card should not come in direct contact with metal objects. Cobalt free cards are better for such applications. These being chemicals, should never come in touch with food, fruits, vegetables, medicines etc.

Also, we supply Cobalt free & reusable type of Humidity cards and various other types of Temperature indicator strips/cards/labels.

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Vacker Group operates in all Middle East countries including UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar & Iraq. Also, we are supplying in African countries covering Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Djibouti, Ethiopia etc.


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