Importance of Temperature mapping study in the Middle East

Importance of Temperature mapping study in the Middle East

Importance of Temperature mapping study in the Middle East
Vacker UAE has published this article considering the Middle East climatic conditions and its effect on transportation and storage of temperature sensitive articles such as medicine, vaccine etc.
The Middle East countries go through extreme climatic conditions with temperature crossing 50 Degree Centigrade during peak of summer. The external temperature and atmospheric conditions affect the temperature of ware houses, cold room, vans, trucks, reefers etc. which are used for storage and distribution of medicines. The Middle East countries referred here are generally United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq etc.
Regulatory requirement of Temperature mapping study in the Middle East
While this is not a regulatory requirement in most of these countries, it is desirable for most of the pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors that a study is carried out atleast once in every three years. The reason for recommending once in three years is that various critical parameters inside the enclosed area keep on changing including the performance of the cooling units. Also the number and arrangement of storage racks are changed many times which are not advisable after carrying out a mapping study. Even adding a small rack will have its own effects in uniform temperature distribution.
Such a study need to be carried out for entire cold chain including ware houses, cold room, vans, trucks,reefers etc.
Do you require Temperature mapping study for your facilities?
How do you decide whether you need to carry out the study for your facilities? If you are dealing with manufacture, storage and transportation of temperature sensitive products such as medicines, vaccines, frozen or fresh food items etc., you need to ensure that the products are always within the specified temperature levels at all stages.

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