Industrial Dehumidifier Capacity Selection

Industrial Dehumidifier Capacity Selection is a method of selecting a specific dehumidifier model depending on the calculation of humidity removal per day in a given location.

The industrial dehumidifier selection is done by performing a calculation for the humidity removal.

For this purpose, we have to collect data such us the temperature, current humidity, target humidity and the size of the place. With this data and calculation we can choose a dehumidifier model apt for the desired space.

The industrial dehumidifier capacity selection is essential as it allows you to pick the right model of the dehumidifier. This is especially very important for the industrial series as these machines are high capacity units.

We use industrial dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture from large rooms and spaces.

This helps in repairing water damage as it removes the moisture from large spaces and avoids the molds from growing. Dehumidifiers play a very important role in the commercial and industrial sectors involving storage of materials which might be very sensitive to moisture. These units are also used to maintain clean air which in turn will maintain a healthy atmosphere. Also, there are many allergies which can be avoided due to dehumidifiers. commercial-dehumidifier-modelDH600BY

Industrial dehumidifiers are designed for larger areas to maintain a moisture free atmosphere. As these machines need to remove a high capacity of moisture, they need to be featured for high capacity performance.

Each dehumidifier has a capacity of humidity removal at a particular level of temperature and humidity. The industrial dehumidifier capacity is calculated on the basis of the following parameters:

  1. Dimensions of the room (Length x Width x Height).
  2. Temperature maintained in the room.
  3. Current Humidity in the room.
  4. Humidity level to be achieved in the room.

These parameters are different for each scenario, hence the industrial dehumidifier capacity selection for each space is different.

Dehumidifiers can be divided into two types namely:

    • Condensation Type:

When we consider the temperature of the room to becondensation-type-industrial-dehumidifier 15°C and above (normally up to 40°C),we would suggest the condensation type units.
These units convert the moisture in the room into water and finally drain the same out of the machine. Capacity calculation for the same needs to be done with the above-mentioned parameters.

    • Desiccant Type:

When we consider lower temperature ranges, for example below 10°C (normally up to -20°C), we would need a desiccant type dehumidifier to remove humidity. These industrial units would convert the moisture in the room into wet air and dehumidify the space. VackerGlobal supplies Portable Industrial Dehumidifier The capacity calculation for the same needs to be done with the above-mentioned parameters.

Controls and Design

These industrial units are huge capacity machines, very powerful as they intend to control humidity for large areas and spaces. The exterior parts of these machines are rugged and in turn, protect the internal parts from the outside environment. Commonly industrial condensation dehumidifiers have inbuilt tanks to drain out the collected humidity which is in the form of water. Depending on the capacity of the dehumidifier, there is an inbuilt tank of a specific capacity for each machine.

Also, there is an option where a pipe can be connected directly to the drainage and the water can be automatically discarded.

There is wall mounted as well as floor mounted dehumidifiers in the industrial series.

Generally, the industrial dehumidifier capacity selection starts with a minimum capacity of around 50 liters per day to approximately 1,040 liters per day or more. This again depends on the current temperature and humidity in the location, the target humidity which needs to be achieved for the location and most importantly the dimensions of the place.

For a better understanding, please find an example of how an industrial dehumidifier capacity selection is done. The calculation for the same is given below:

  1. The dimension of the space is Length (8m) x Width (5m) x Height (3m).
  2. The Temperature in the area is 20°C.
  3. Current Humidity in the area is 80%.
  4. Target humidity to be achieved in the area is 50%.
  5. The capacity of humidity removal is 14.9304 liters per day.

You may conduct the calculation for your reference by clicking on the below link:

Dehumidifier Capacity Calculation
Dehumidifier Capacity Calculation

On the basis of the above calculation, the industrial dehumidifier capacity selection is done and a suitable unit of dehumidifier is chosen as per the requirements.

If you require conversion of any of the following capacity calculations, please contact us:

  1. convert pints per day to latent capacity
  2. convert dehumidifier pints per day to btu/h
  3. convert pints per day moisture removal to btu/h

We supply various models of industrial and commercial dehumidifiers in Dubai, Abudhabi, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

In Africa, we serve countries including Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Chad, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Angola, South Africa etc.

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