Industrial freezer with temperature monitoring

Industrial freezers are used to store temperature sensitive products under controlled conditions.  The Industrial-freezer-with-temperature-monitoring-and-alertfreezers can achieve and maintain temperature as low as -40°C.

Industrial freezers are used typically to store the following:

  1. Frozen food items such as chicken, meat etc. or frozen vegetable items
  2. Certain type of medicines

In all such storage conditions, the temperature may have to be recorded and monitored to protect the stored items.

Normally all such freezers come with a digital display indicator. However this is not with recording facility. Also it cannot provide any alert facilities to a remote user in case the temperature goes beyond the desired limits.

We are providing WiFi or wired type of monitoring system to record the temperature inside the freezer.front-door-industrial-freezer-with-temperature-monitoring Also the system can generate phone call, SMS and email alerts to 4 operators if the temperature goes above the programmed levels. For example it can be programmed that if the temperature goes above -30°C for 5 minutes the operators should be alerted. This  can be achieved through our monitoring system.

top-door-industrial-freezer-with-temperature-monitoringThe voice call made to operator will deliver a recorded voice message indicating the type and location of the fault. We can also connect a local siren so that all nearby operators can be alerted.

Please click to see more on our temperature monitoring systems for freezers

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