Lighting Control System

Energy saving has been a key factor in our modern life, especially in our country like UAE. There are different kinds of new systems coming for the saving of energy focusing on the cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. Our company Vacker UAE is one of the leading contributor in the field of building automation and industrial automation that serves in the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. One of the service it provides is the lighting control system for your house, industries and offices which helps in minimizing the consumption of energy effectively.

Lighting control system is an advanced system which helps to control the whole lighting system of a building with just one device. In the traditional lighting system each lights are controlled by different devices or switches hence it was required to use each device for controlling the light of a building. But in our lighting control system you can control the whole lights of a building with just one device such as iPhone, smart phone or a computer. Out lighting system are smart, energy saving and comes with a guarantee and reliability of our company Vacker UAE. These lighting control system are also popularly known as the smart lighting since it is the gift of our modern technology.

Traditional Lighting System versus Lighting Control System

In the traditional lighting system each lights have individual switches to turn them on or turn them off and it has to be done manually. For an office or a building that have several rooms will have hundreds of lights and to switch it on or switch it off manually may be a tough task and time-consuming. In the lighting control system we have to control system, the lights can be controlled with the switches as well as the device in which the lighting control system is connected.

Advantages of a Lighting Control System

As we already know the main advantage of lighting system is that it uses single user interface to control the whole lighting system of a definite place. This system helps in creating complex lighting scene if the user wants it. A user can even control the required brightness of a light in the room. Hence when bright light is not required in a place he can set the lights in the dim mode. This system is more energy saving and time saving hence has become an integral part of a smart home or smart offices. Another advantage of the lighting control system is the automated lighting of a place. A user does not even have to be in the place for controlling the lights due to the automated lighting of a place. Automation of a lighting system can be done on various basis such as time, occupancy, alarm system etc. Some of the automated lighting system that comes with our smart lighting are as follows:


In this system the light can turn on automatically when a person enters the room and can turn off automatically when everyone in the room has left. This system comes with the attachment of occupancy sensor to sense the presence of a person in the room.

Daylight availability

In this system the lights automatically adjusts with the presence of daylight. The system is capable of turning on when the sunlight is very low and it can automatically turn off or become dim when enough daylight is present.

Program logic

This lighting system can work by setting different logics as to when to turn on light or turn off or become dim according to the operator

Time of day

A user can set the time of day for the lighting system as per his/her requirement. And hence the light will automatically work without any manual intervention.

Sunrise or sunset

This is generally used for the outdoor lighting. The system can automatically turn on with sunset and can turn off with the sunrise.

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