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Vacker Global is one of the top company worldwide which provides different engineering solutions to our daily problems. We provide different services and products related to engineering in the modern world. One of the important process done specially in the industries is the particle analysis. It is almost impossible to perform particle analysis accurately manually hence for such process we provide our reliable particle analyzer.

Introduction to Particle Analyzer

Different industries and sectors require to use powder and particles for certain production or to gain certain objectives. Some of them find their application directly as catalyst, binders, additives etc. while some of them are used as raw materials to produce certain products. Whatever the application may be the final products or results can be highly affected by the distribution of particle size. The correct or right kind of particle size distribution can improve the quality and performance of the particles or powders. The device that can measure the particle size and help in proper distribution of particles or powder is known as particle analyzer. These analyzer are easy to use and can be handled easily after reading the using procedure.

Fields of applications

Particle analysis has a huge range of application and hence used in various fields. Such as:


Smaller particles results in the increase of specific surface area of the particles. Larger specific area makes these particles easily dissolvable in a liquid. In the medical industry the particles of medical injection should be of correct size for proper influence on the body otherwise these may cause various side-effects to the person using it.


In the cosmetics field the color and shine is determined by the particle size distribution in products such as lipstick, eye shadow and mascara. Even the smoothness of different creams are affected by the particle size distribution.

Food items

We use different powdered ingredients while preparing a food item such as bread, pizza, pasta, cake etc. The taste and feel of the food item is greatly affected by the particle size distribution of the ingredient. The right kind of particle size ensures the consistent quality of beverages or drinking products. A good example of this can be found in milk related beverages where the producer intentionally uses small particle sizes to avoid any kind of difference in concentration in upper and lower layer of the product.

Chemical reaction

The rate of chemical reaction can easily be manipulated by changing the distribution of particle size and hence particle size analyzers are also important in industries and sector that uses different chemical reaction.

Electronic material

The particle size distribution also has a huge effect on the electronic product as right kind of particle size distribution helps in ensuring the high and consistent quality of the electronic product.


The buildings’ strength not only depends on the particle size distribution of cement of which is made but also depends on the particle size distribution of soil on which is made. Particle size analyzer also helps in determining the amount of pollution in soil.


Different properties of ceramics such as hardness, water permeability, heat resistance etc. are highly influenced by the particle size distribution.

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  1. Adriana Cruz says:

    We wanted to review with you the possibility to make some particle size/distribution analysis for an oil in water emulsions (thick cream ) in food applications. Do you offer this analysis? , could you send me a quotation ?

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