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This system can be used for monitoring of the temperature of refrigerators and freezers used for storage of medicines, vaccines, bio-medical samples.blood, body tissues etc.
Multiple refrigerators can be connected across different locations and data can be recorded and viewed over the internet.
The software is free and data is stored over ftp server
If the temperature goes above or below the programmed limits, phone call, SMS and email alerts will be generated to 4 people.
The most important component is a temperature data logger which can record upto 8000 readings. The alert system will work even if the server is down.
The system can be connected through ethernet wired connection or through WiFi
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Vacker Group supplies all types of Temperature monitoring system with alert for Refrigerators in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq and Oman.

Also VackerAfrica supplies these in African countries covering Nigeria, Djibouti, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia etc.

Vacker LLC
Thermal Division
306, RKM Building
Deira, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 42 66 11 44
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  1. Can comms like NB-IOT work instead of wifi for this system?

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