Temperature recorder with printer for vehicle

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This Recorder is for printing regular reports of the temperature inside a vehicle compartment. This device has display of the current readings, alerts as well as inbuilt recording. There is a small display in which the current recordings and alerts are displayed. There are two sensors which can be connected to the refrigerated compartment and the device can be mounted in the driver’s cabin. Minimum and Maximum temperature limits can be programmed in the device. Upon reaching these limits, alerts will be displayed on the device with a beep sound. The measurement data are stored in non-volatile memory of the recorder. The frequency of the data memory can be programmed in the range of 30 seconds to 20 hours. The memory capacity is 30 000 readings, which will be equivalent to 625 days if reading is taken every 30 minutes. Once the memory is full, the recorder continues to record the latest readings, while the oldest readings are automatically erased. The stored data can be erased, and the entrance to the password-protected menu. The recorder is equipped with a printer from which the driver can print data for any period of time. The vehicle details also can be initially programmed in the device so that the report indicates the vehicle details. The report will include the temperature Vs time details, alert events etc, The sensors can be placed at a distance of 5 meter from the device. The device will operate on 12 V / 24 V DC. Also same can be connected to regular AC power supply through a DC adapter.

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Vacker Group supplies temperature recorder with printer for vehicles in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah), Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq and Oman.

Also VackerAfrica suplies temperature recorder with printer for vehicles in African countries covering Nigeria, Djibouti, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia etc.

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