Disposable USB, PDF, Excel, Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Disposable data loggers are for recording the data only one time. A Single-use USB Temperature & Humidity Datalogger records these parameters for a certain duration as programmed. You cannot use the data logger thereafter for recording. However, the data will remain in memory and you can download any number of times. You can download the data simply by inserting into any computer without installing any particular software related to the data logger. The Single-use USB Temperature & Humidity Datalogger model Vac-V1TH has a memory capacity of over 13000 readings.

VAC-V1TH Single-use, USB, PDF, Excel Temperature & Humidity Data Logger with LED alert indicators

This disposable, single-use Temperature & Humidity data logger by VackerGlobal has the following features.

  1. It produces reports in pdf, excel and text formats simply by inserting into a PC, Mac or Linux. It only needs standard software available on your computer.
  2. We can supply the data logger in preprogrammed condition or you can program yourself using our free software.singleuse-disposable-USB-PDF-temperature-humidity-logger
  3. The data logger can record a total of over 13000 readings as a combination of temperature and humidity.
  4. You can keep the recording interval based on the requirement of your goods. You can record from an interval of 1 reading per second to one reading per day.
  5. The disposable humidity data logger can record humidity range from 0% to 100% RH (Relative Humidity).
  6. The temperature sensor of this disposable data logger can operate and record within a temperature of -40 °C to +80 °C or -40°F to +176°F.
  7. The temperature measurement has an accuracy of ±0.3°C between-40 °C to +80 °C or -40°F to +176°F.
  8. The humidity reading has an accuracy of ±2% RH.
  9. If you want to mark at different points you can do so by the bookmarking feature.
  10. The temperature reading is at a resolution of 0.015°C.
  11. The humidity reading has a resolution of 0.01 %RH.
  12. The type of sensor is Digital Sensirion SHT31.
  13. The time accuracy of this single-use humidity data logger is ±15 minutes per year.
  14. The starting and stopping of the recording are possible by the corresponding button on the disposable humidity data logger.
  15. There are 4 different ways to start the single-use, temperature & humidity logger (1) Press and hold the start button for a few seconds. The starting of the recording will be visible through the blinking of the LEDs. (2) Autostart the recording through programming to start at a predefined date and time. (3) Manually start the recording through the start button, but it will not start recording immediately. We can program a delay period. (4) If you want to start recording only upon reaching a certain temperature, you can do so in the programming.
  16. There are 3 different ways to start the single-use, sample-pdf-report-of-disposable-temperature-humidity-loggerhumidity logger (1) You can simply press and hold the stop button to stop at any point in time. (2) If you want the recording to stop at a particular date and time, you can do so in the programming. (3) If you want to automatically stop after a certain time eg. 2 weeks, you can do so in the programming.
  17. The user can program 4 different alert levels as High, HighHigh, Low and LowLow. There are 4 LEDs corresponding to these alerts.
  18. The sensor has a response time of fewer than 7 minutes (T90) in moving air.
  19. The battery type is cell type battery CR2032. But the same is not user-replaceable.
  20. There are 5 LEDs to display the alarms. There are two red LEDs to display high limits. There are two Blue LEDs to display low alerts.
  21. Upon completion of recording, you can generate a detailed report simply by inserting into a PC, Mac or Linux system. You don’t have to install any special software supplied by us.
  22. It generates the files type ZLG, TXT, CSV and PDF automatically. It supports all languages.
  23. The user can export the report file types ZLG, TXT, CSV and PDF.
  24. The programming software is available for free download from our website.
  25. It can operate in computers with any software viz. Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOSX and Linux operating systems.
  26. If you require calibrated disposable humidity data loggers, we can incorporate inbuilt calibration. You can click on a link inside the report to view the report.
  27. It complies with CE and RoHS certification.
  28. The dimensions of the logger are 79mm x 48mm x 9 mm.
  29. It has an approximate weight of 17 grams.
  30. It has an ingress protection of IP30.
  31. The battery lasts for 1 to 2 years depends on the usage and storage conditions.
  32. The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase or until the first use.

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