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Motion Sensors and Presence Sensors utilization in school laboratory for Energy Conservation

Vacker Group , UAE is a supplier of Motion and Presence Sensors (Also known as Occupancy sensors) in UAE,Kuwait,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Qatar & Iraq. Also Vacker supplies these sensors to African countries such as  Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, Ghana,Djibouti, Afghanistan, Kazakhistan etc.
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Motion Sensors
Motion sensors / detector operate by detecting motion of personnel within its defined range. The sensors come in different models with distance range from 5 meters to 50 meters. If any person moves within this range, it senses the same and activates its associated circuit to operate a set of lights or any other electrical circuits.
This can be mainly used in stair cases, corridors etc. so that we can save energy when there are no people in the particular location

Presence Sensors
While motion sensors detect the movement, presence sensors / detector checks for the presence of personnel within its range. Presence sensors also come in different models with varying distance ranges. So even if people are sitting idle, the presence sensor will detect their presence and keep the circuit active. The typical applications are class rooms, offices, bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms etc.

An installation done by us for a class room and a school laboratory can be seen at the following video

Youtube video:Motion presence sensor supplier


motion-presence-sensor-computer-lab (download link)


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