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Power Failure Phone call & SMS alert for temperature, humidity, water leak, fire, Gas etc.

phone call and sms alert

This is a standalone alert system for generating phone and SMS alert. This is a SIM card based alert system with battery back up. You can use this as an add-on device for our power failure monitor, water leak monitor,

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What is over temperature warning system ?


In any of the temperature sensitive areas it is essential that the temperature has to be monitored continuously. Typical examples of such sensitive areas are: Cold rooms Walk in freezers Chillers Refrigerators Blood Banks Pharmaceutical storage areas Data centers Server

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Temperature Recorder and Over Temperature Alarm System

Over Temperature Alarm system is provided for various application, few of which are: Ware houses Chiller Room Cold Rooms Cold Storage Freezer / Deep Freezer Refrigerators Medicine Storage Vaccine storage Blood Bank Patient Rooms Pharmacies Food storage Food processing These

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