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Importance of Temperature Monitoring in GCC Nations

Temperature is an important part of the environment. Temperature has a large effect on human life as well as the environment. Temperature also can affect various products and properties. And likely, temperature monitoring is required for comfortable living. Temperature also

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Where to place a temperature & humidity sensor in a cold room,warehouse,van or refrigerator?

location to place temperature humidity sensor

This article is particularly about cold rooms and walk-in freezers for storage of medicines and vaccines. We are explaining on deciding the number of sensors and location of sensors of a temperature monitoring and alert system. The operator or owner

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Temperature Sensor & Humidity sensor with Phone call alert

We have recently installed our integrated solution for monitoring and recording Temperature & Humidity which also gives phone call if the temperature or humidity goes above or below the defined limits. The device has one sensor which will sense both

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Disposable, programmable USB Temperature Data Logger : UAE


  This sophisticated Temperature data logger is manufactured by Cryopak, USA and marketed under the Brand name Escort. The device is programmable by customer with a free downloadable software. Features of USB type Temperature data logger Recording by Start and

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Press Release – Vacker, UAE is distributor for Cryopak, USA make Temperature Data Loggers


  View the Press Release    William Hingle Marketing Director 732-346-9200 ext. 104     Cryopak, USA appoints Vacker Group, UAE as distributor to expand in Middle East Region for Temperature Data Loggers and Real Time Monitoring Systems  

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WiFi based remote temperature & Humidity monitoring without need of a PC and Phone call, SMS & Email alert : UAE


This is the latest product being supplied by us in United Arab Emirate and other  Middle East countries for monitoring of Temperature & Humidity. This is entirely WiFi based and will work on any existing WiFi net work. Features of WiFi

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Temperature monitoring & Recording

We have supplied and installed temperature monitoring & recording device which will monitor and record inaccessible places such as the cargo haul of a ship. The sensor is capable to be extended upto 30 meters from the monitoring device. The

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Stand alone device for monitoring Temperature & Humidity of Server Room/Data Center

This small data logger is a stand alone temperature & humidity monitor as part of environment monitoring. This works on separate power supply and has a battery back up as well. Salient Features of monitoring system: Can be connected to any

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Temperature Recording of 1.9 Million readings

Measurement Computing  has introduced a High-Accuracy, Battery-Powered 4-Channel Thermocouple Data Logger. Salient features of data logger: Takes inputs from 4 sensors Records upto 1.9 million readings Apart from 4 external sensors it has an internal sensor for ambient temperature Alarms

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Vacker Group, UAE becomes Dealer for Cryopak, USA

Vacker Group becomes dealer for Cryopak, USA for their entire range of Validation products and Temperature Data Loggers. Cryopak, USA is a TCP group company established in 1990. TCP group is a reputed leading supplier of various cold chain packaging

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