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Lighting Control System

Energy saving has been a key factor in our modern life, especially in our country like UAE. There are different kinds of new systems coming for the saving of energy focusing on the cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.

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Stand alone device for monitoring Temperature & Humidity of Server Room/Data Center

This small data logger is a stand alone temperature & humidity monitor as part of environment monitoring. This works on separate power supply and has a battery back up as well. Salient Features of monitoring system: Can be connected to any

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Temperature Recording of 1.9 Million readings

Measurement Computing  has introduced a High-Accuracy, Battery-Powered 4-Channel Thermocouple Data Logger. Salient features of data logger: Takes inputs from 4 sensors Records upto 1.9 million readings Apart from 4 external sensors it has an internal sensor for ambient temperature Alarms

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Biggest Supplier of Temperature Monitoring Solutions in Middle East

Vacker Group, UAE  has been providing various Temperature Monitoring Solutions in the Middle East. We are specialised in providing complete solutions including those of Hospitals, Food Industry, Cold Chain Monitoring, Warehouse etc. Also we carry out Temperature mapping & Validation

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