Single Source Solution provider for Temperature Control,monitoring & recording

Vacker Group, United Arab Emirates has been a leader in all aspects of Temperature controlling, monitoring and recording products and solutions for entire spectrum of temperature range from -200 Degree Centigrade to 1000 Degree Centigrade (-328 to 1832 Degree Fahrenheit) for every type of industry

Various industry segments being served by us are :

  1. Pharmaceutical industry for storage and distribution of medicines, vaccines etctemprature-monitoring-solutions
  2. Healthcare segment including hospitals, clinics etc
  3. Life sciences viz. transportation of blood, samples, cells etc.
  4. Food storage & distribution including fruits,vegetables, cooked food etc.
  5. Food processing
  6. Process Industries including Oil & Gas Industries for controlling and recording extreme temperature.

Our products and services related to Temperature monitoring, control & recording are:bluetooth-data-loggers-by-msr

  1. Temperature recorders, data loggers, chart recorders of various types such as wireless, WiFi, Bluetooth,Ethernet connected etc.
  2. Continuous live monitoring of temperature for cold rooms, warehouses, vehicles etc. over internet
  3. Alert systems giving Email, phone call and SMS alerts upon exceeding temperature limits
  4. Temperature mapping study, validation and qualification for pharmaceutical industry for cold rooms, ware houses, reefers, trucks, vans, refrigerators, freezers, autoclave etc.
  5. Thermocouples, thermistor, temperature sensors, pt100 sensors etc.
  6. Packaging solutions including Passive boxes, actives boxes, insulated boxes etc.temperature-humidity-data-loggers
  7. Cold Chain Consultancy for design and implementation
  8. Monitoring solutions for Data center, server rooms etc.
  9. Automation of temperature control system for process industries incorporating advanced sensors and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  10. Continuous tracking of temperature and location of vehicles utilised to transport temperature sensitive products such as food, medicine etc.
  11. Infrared Thermometers and cameras
  12. Thermal imaging using Infrared cameras
  13. GPRS based real time monitoring systems for vehicles, trucks, reefers etc.
  14. SMS based real time monitoring systems for vehicles, trucks, reefers etc.
  15. Temperature and environment monitoring system for data center, server rooms etc.

Please see our entire range of temperature & humidity data loggers

We have partnered with world leaders such as Cryopak, USA for offering their entire range of products and services in the Middle East countries. We serve our customers in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, India etc.


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