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Vacker Group, UAE supplies various temperature monitoring solutions and data loggers for cold rooms, ware houses, chiller rooms,refrigerator, freezer etc. for storage and transportation of Medicines, vaccines, chemicals, food, fruits, vegetables etc.

This is the ilog series of temperature data logger by Cryopak, USA under the brand name Escort. It has different models in various range of temperature with external and internal sensors. This is an external sensor. Each device has two sensors. This is the docking station for programming and downloading data to a computer. The connection is through U S B or serial port.
The technical specifications of the data loggers can be seen over the next few screens

  1. It comes in different temperature ranges.
  2. You can see various models in different temperature range with internal and external sensors.
  3. The LCD display indicates current readings as well as lowest and highest recorded readings.
  4. Starting of recording is either by swiping a magnetic key supplier along with the device or by programming.
  5. The device comes with warranty of 2 years, except for the battery.
  6. The battery life is upto 2 years.
  7. The data can be generated in various formats including pdf, Excel and Text formats.
  8. Docking stations are available for U S B port and serial port for Temperature and humidity Data Loggers.
  9. The magnetic Key ring is used to swipe the data logger to start recording or to create bench marks.
  10. The data logger can also be connected to external devices through its dry contacts to generate alarms, phone call and SMS alert for Temperature and humidity.
  11. Strobe and sirens also can be connected to generate local alarms.
  12. Also there is a portable chart printer is available which can download the data and generate printed charts without the need of a computer.
  13. This data logger is ideal for monitoring and recording temperature and humidity of cold storages, ware houses, refrigerator, chiller rooms, freezers, cold rooms etc. which store medicines, vaccines, food, fruits and vegetables.

For liquid temperature measurement, glycol bottles can be used for better stability

Technical specification of iLog Data Logger

Memory Options32K; 32,064 readings (with one sensor)16,032 readings each sensor (with two sensors)
Program Interval5 seconds to 10 days
Time Accuracy±1 minute per month at ambient temperatures
SensorsInternal and/or external
Resolution0.1 °C / 0.1 °F / 0.1%
Sensor Response TimeInternal sensor – T90 of 12 minutes in moving air External sensor – T90 of 5 minutes
LCD Operating Range-20 °C to +70 °C (-4 °F to +158 °F)
Alarm ThresholdsTwo
Alarm Configuration High alarm; low alarm
Preprogram OptionUser programmable
Start OptionStart with magnetic key swipe or at pre-defined time
Auto RestartNo
Start DelayYes
Stop OptionAfter pre-defined readings or timer
SizeDiameter 76mm, height 18mm
Weight68 grams (including battery); Varies for external sensor iLog
Case MaterialPolycarbonate
BatteryUser replaceable 3.6V ½AA lithium battery
IP RatingInternal sensor iLog – IP67 External sensor iLog – IP65
Warranty2 years (excluding battery)
CalibrationNIST Traceable upon request
Accuracy CertificateYes
Other CertificationISO9001:2008, CE, RoHS, EN12830
Battery Life1-2 years (depending on usage)
InterfaceUSB or serial
SoftwareConsole Pro
Default File FormatPDF & LRF
Data ExportTXT, CSV, SYLK & LCF
SecurityPassword protected (programmable using Console Pro Software)

Please see our videos on operation and functioning of these data loggers

Please see various models of temperature data loggers and temperature & humidity data loggers

Vacker Group, Dubai supplies various temperature monitoring solutions and data loggers for pharmaceuticals, food and chemical industries across all Middle East countries including United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & Iraq
Also Vacker Group carries out Temperature Mapping service and Validation study for cold rooms, ware houses and vehicles

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