Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Device with Software and Alert

We have recently installed Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Device with Software and Alert for 4 cold storages for a food processing company in UAE. Each device has two sensors and are connected to a Local Area Network. The devices are assigned with individual IP addresses and can be accessed through internet. The graph on one of the cold rooms as viewed through a web browser is shown to the right side.

The sensors are programmed for upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity for a duration of 5 minutes. If the temperature or humidity exceeds Temperature humidity monitoring software graphthe limits for a duration of 5 minutes, the system will give alerts through voice call, sms and emails. The data is being stored in a local server as well as over the internet on a server space assigned by us.

The data is automatically downloaded every hour to the server. The whole system is with battery back up and will continue recording even if there is a power failure.

This Temperature monitoring and recording data logger has its own software which can be programmed to send the data on a daily basis to 4 email ids so that every day operators will receive the data log.

The typical applications are:

  • Medicine storage
  • Pharmaceutical warehouse
  • Cold Storage
  • Refrigerator
  • Deep Freezer
  • Blood Bank
  • Hospital Rooms

Please see videos of operation and functioning of this alert system

Temperature monitoring with alert for cold room

Refrigerator and Freezer monitoring

Vacker group has been providing various sophisticated environment monitoring solutions for health care, Food Processing and other critical industries in UAE,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Oman,Ethiopia,Nigeria,Ghana and other African countries.


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