Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Software

We are supplying entire solution for Temperature & Humidity monitoring solution with software for hospitals, warehouses, Temperature monitor softwarefurnaces,refrigerators, stability chambers etc. The solution involves one recorder, corresponding sensors for temperature and humidity with a software for recording and live viewing of the data.

Functioning of software

The data is automatically downloaded at predefined intervals to the PC. Also the same can be connected to the internet for online monitoring. As an additional option the software can send email messages upon any alert conditions either on lower or upper thresh hold levels.

The monitoring instrument also has its own memory and backup which will continue saving in case of power failure. The system also makes phone call and SMS alerts for alert conditions.

Advantages of the software

  1. The software is free for life time
  2. Static IP is not required
  3. The software can be installed in server as well as on a local PC
  4. Data can be exported as a graph and as an Excel chart
  5. Multiple devices can be combined in a single graph.


Vacker Group provides sophisticated temperature monitoring solutions UAE,Kuwait,Oman,Iraq,Qatar and Saudi Arabia


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