Temperature indicator labels / strips / cards

Temperature indicating labels / strips are the simplest way to check whether the temperature of any package exceeded the permitted levels during Temperature indicator label striptransportation, st0rage etc. These are typically used for storage and transportation of medicines, food, chemicals, research samples etc. In this case, you do not want to record the data continuously as done in data loggers

Also, it can be used for industrial purposes even for checking the temperature of operating temperature of machinery. It has numerous applications to monitor operating temperature of accessible and inaccessible parts of machinery.Connecting a thermocouple or sensor may not be practical for various locations of machinery and in such case this strip can be simply affixed and monitored periodically.

For all models, the temperature variation is detected by a color change of the strip. The size will be as small as 2 cm x 4 cm and can be affixed to the wall of the package, box etc.

Types of Temperature indicator labels, strips & cards

The strips come in reversible or irreversible types. The irreversible type is the most common type and once the color changes it is nonreversible.

The reversible type is for continuous monitoring which will change color if temperature increases and will revert to the original color once the temperature is normalized.

There are various models from 20 Deg Centigrade to 300 Deg Centigrade.

No.of indications vary from 3 to 50 depending on the use, manufacturer, and the application.

These also can be used inside refrigerators and freezers to indicate the temperature and either reversible or irreversible type can be used.

These also can be used on the server racks in data centers and server rooms. There are special types available which will run vertically on the entire height of the panel and any change in temperature will be visible on the strip by color change. Reversible or  non-reversible types can be used as per customer requirement.

Chemically safe indicators are available for usage on body tissues, blood bags etc.Also please see our electronic temperature indicators.

Similarly, humidity indicator strips, labels, and cards are available for monitoring humidity.

If you desire to record the temperature or humidity please see our article on electronic data loggers

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Vacker group, UAE is the biggest supplier of various temperature monitoring products in United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman & Iraq. Also, we are supplying in African countries covering Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Djibouti, Ethiopia etc.


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  1. Ashraf says:

    As discussed over phone, interested in temperature and humidity straps.
    1- Send sample pictures of offered product
    2- Standard (In stock) ranges for each (temp & Humid)
    3- Lead time required for custom ranges
    4- budgetary price

  2. Tabish Ahmad says:

    We require Thermal Strip
    “Thermax 8 Level strip indicator” Qty : 10
    Range : 100-160 Degree Celsius

    In Abu Dhabi, very urgently.

    Tabish Ahmad
    Cell: +971-56-404-4544

  3. Moritz says:

    Please send me quotation for temperature indicating stickers with scale from 190 to 240 degrees C.
    e-mail: muhl@gebr-binder.de

  4. Arun says:

    Pls advise if you have thermal tape to find air leak in engine staring line leae a.jaiswal@esma.nl

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