Temperature Mapping Study and Validation

temperature mapping study validation

VackerGlobal is one of the topmost companies providing services in cold chain management and temperature mapping in the Middle East and African countries. Temperature mapping and validation is one of the many services we provide in different countries. Our services are spread worldwide covering countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe etc. Our team of experts follows the temperature mapping and validation process as prescribed by the health authority of the country. We provide our service for storage room, containers during transportation of goods, cold rooms, etc.

What is Temperature Mapping and Validation?

Temperature Mapping Study and Validation
Temperature mapping and validation is done for the storage and transfer of goods which are sensitive towards the temperature. To be clear about the concept of temperature mapping and validation let’s take an example of a warehouse. A warehouse may contain many air conditioning ducts. The device is programmed in such a way that the device maintains the overall temperature of the location within a given range. The general range of the warehouse is 15-20 degree Celsius. When we use a temperature data logger they will show the reading within the limit. But this is not the whole truth as the temperature may differ in various points of the warehouse due to different reasons such as movement of people, opening, and closing of the door, running of various machines etc. It becomes impossible for people to check the temperature condition of every point in the room with few temperature data loggers.  What we have to understand is that the temperature of a location may not be uniform under different circumstances. Hence, temperature mapping and validation study is the best way to analyze the distribution of temperature in different points within a location under all real life conditions. Other than a warehouse. temperature mapping and validation is required for other assets such as refrigerated vehicles, chillers, cold rooms, thermal boxes etc.

  1. Temperature mapping study and validation helps to ensure the uniformity of temperature across various points within a location.
  2. Temperature mapping study helps to establish various parameters within an enclosed location to determine the suitability of the space to store temperature sensitive goods.
  3. Temperature mapping study and validation helps to monitor the point where goods are stored most of the time. It also helps to find out whether the temperature distribution in the location is uniform or not.
  4. Temperature mapping study helps to identify different hotspots and cold spots within the location. Hotspots are those spots in the location where the temperature seems to be exceeding the permitted temperature under different condition. Identification of such spots helps the user to prevent storage of goods in the spots in future or the user can rectify the problem by various means.
  5. Temperature mapping study and validation also helps to find out the time period for which the temperature remains within the required temperature range in the case of the failure of the air conditioning system of the location.
  6. Temperature mapping study helps to know the number of people, machinery etc. that can be permitted while keeping the temperature within the required temperature range.
  7. Temperature mapping study and validation program helps to establish such parameters for all the climatic condition in the location across the year.

Temperature Mapping Study and Validation
Due to various reasons temperature mapping study and validation is a very important procedure especially for the temperature sensitive goods. According to the recent studies every year products worth millions of dollar are wasted due to improper storage and transportation. So if you are working in storage or transportation of temperature sensitive goods than you can contact us for temperature mapping study and validation. We are known for our quick services hence making us the first choice of companies and people.

Our services in Africa

We are offering our wide range of products and services in north and central African region. We already have our valuable customers in Nigeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cameroon etc. We are providing our temperature monitoring system, automation systems, temperature mapping study etc. in these countries.

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