Temperature Mapping Study in India


India is a very large country with many cities. There are various kinds of businesses going around that involves warehouses, vans, trucks, reefers, refrigerators etc. There are also many businesses related to pharmaceutical industries. Temperature mapping study is one of the most important parts of such businesses.

Vacker Global provides the most authentic temperature mapping study service in various cities of India. We provide temperature mapping study services for all kinds of warehouses, pharmaceuticals indsutries, reefer vans etc.

What is temperature mapping?


Temperature can affect the quality of various products. Such temperature sensitive products need to be stored in temperature controlled systems. But variation in temperature is seen in different spots within a single temperature controlled system.

The variation occurs due to various reasons such as people’s movement, opening of doors, fans etc. Spots having higher temperature are known as hot spots and spots having lower temperature are known as cold spots. Temperature mapping study involves the identification of such hot and cold spots.

Temperature mapping study for pharmaceutical industries


Medicine and vaccines are among the most temperature sensitive products in the world. The transportation through which the medicines and vaccines are carried and the store room all require temperature mapping study. Generally medicine and vaccines requires being stored in low temperatures. Many require temperature ranging from 2 to 8 degree Celsius while others require 15 degree Celsius.

Storing the products in unsuitable conditions leaves the quality of products compromised. And since medicine is related directly to the health of the people the quality should never be compromised. Temperature mapping study helps to identify the right spots to store these medicinal products and maintain the quality to the optimum level.

Temperature mapping study helps to save products worth billions of dollars every year. Temperature mapping study helps to ensure the desired temperature in a place.

Temperature mapping study procedure


  • First of all we test the area under empty condition.
  • Another testing is done with about 60 percent loading condition.
  • Finally testing is performed with 100 percent loading condition.
  • The effect of opening and closing the door on temperature is also studied.
  • Testing is also run in the condition of power failure.
  • The test to determine the time taken to gain stable temperature is also studied.
  • The time for the recovery of temperature after a door opening is also analyzed.

With all these processes including many other is done for the temperature mapping which gives us the most clear picture of the temperature condition in a temperature controlled system.

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