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Temperature qualification is the process of ensuring that the items meant for storage are always kept at the correct temperature eg. between 2-8 Deg C Temperature mapping validation & qualificationfor medicines. The qualification process ensures that all vehicles, boxes, reefers, cold rooms, refrigerators etc are suitable for storage and transportation of such temperature-sensitive items. Apart from various other tests, the qualification process involves temperature mapping & validation of the storage areas as well.

Case study: Temperature Qualification protocol of warehouse

Temperature mapping study & qualification of a warehouse involves the following:

  1. All critical components of the warehouse and its cooling system to be identified and tested.
  2. Temperature mapping study to be carried out in an empty condition, fully loaded and partially loaded condition.
  3. Temperature mapping study should involve opening of various doors and times to be recorded.
  4. Power failure test to determine the duration for which the temperature  remains within the limits after a power failure.
  5. Temperature recovery test to determine the duration within which the area comes back to the desired levels of temperature. Typically the total duration is 7-10 days including all the above tests under various conditions.
  6. Vacker Group carries out mapping study, validation and qualification services throughout the middle east countries in association with our Principal Cryopak, USA.

Cryopak USA is also involved inqualification of cold storage

  1. Supply of Temperature & Humidity data loggers
  2. Warehouse Temperature & Humidity monitoring systems
  3. Wireless temperature monitoring systems
  4. Cold Chain packaging
  5. Cold Chain monitoring
  6. Cold chain  qualification
  7. Thermal package testing
  8. Temperature profile study
  9. Thermal equipment  qualification

Also please see our web page on temperature mapping & qualification

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