Real Time Monitoring & Recording with Alert
This is for warehouses, cold rooms, chiller rooms etc.
• Computer connectivity is not essential
• 8000 recordings on the device
• Web based free software. Any number of devices across different locations can be connected
• Full battery back up
• Phone call/SMS/Email alert to 8 operators if temperature exceeds limits
• Power failure, Water leakage, Compressor failure etc. can be connected to Phone call alert
• Operated with SIM card
USB type Data Logger (disposable/reusable)
These are for transportation of food, medicines etc.
• 4 temperature alarm limits can be programmed
• 4 LEDs will indicate whether the temperature has crossed the limits
• 8000 readings
• ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ buttons for recording
• pdf report generated upon inserting into a computer. No software required.
• Reports available in pdf, Excel & text formats
Temperature recorder with printer for vehicles
These are for printing reports from the vehicle itself
• 30,000 readings can be stored
• Computer connection not required except for data download.
• Can be mounted in the cabin and sensors drawn to the freezer compartment
• Alert levels can be programmed
• Powered by 12 V Battery of the vehicle
• Oldest data will be automatically erased when memory full
Temperature & Humidity recorder with display
These are for warehouses, cold rooms as well as for transportation.
• 4 Programmable threshold limits
• 4 LEDs will indicate whether the temperature/humidity crossed the limits
• High, Low and average readings will be shown on screen
• IP Rating : IP65
• Single use and Multiuse models are available
Egg Shaped Data Logger
This data logger is for monitoring during storage, transportation and incubation of Eggs. Features:
• Memory : 16,000 readings
• Range : -20° C to +60° C
• Interval: 5 seconds to 255 minutes

Vacker Group supplies various type of Temperature data loggers across all Middle East countries including UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Oman & Iraq

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