Temperature monitoring & Recording

We have supplied and installed temperature monitoring & recording device which will monitor and record inaccessible places such as the cargo haul of a ship. The sensor is capable to be extended upto 30 meters from the monitoring device. The monitoring device can be connected to 4 sensors. Each sensors can be pulled to a distance of 30 meters from the monitoring device.

Video of temperature monitoring device

Temperature humidity monitor record

Features of Temperature monitoring device

  1. The device comes with wired and wireless sensors
  2. The sensors can be extended upto a distance of 30 meters
  3. Newer versions are avilable which can connect upto 4 sensors
  4. 4 different Temperature & humidity sensors can be connected
  5. The screen will display 4 measurements in the same screen
  6. Alarms can be programmed for each sensors separately.
  7. Each sensor will generate phone call, email and SMS alerts to 10 operators using auziliary dialer device
  8. The device is with battery back up. The recording will continue for couple of hours even after power failure
  9. In case of power failure the data will be recorded in the device and will be transmitted to the server once the power is restored.

Specification of temperature & humidity monitoring system (pdf)

We are providing various temperature & humidity monitoring and recording solutions in UAE, Kuwait,Oman,Saudi,Qatar & Iraq


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