Eliminate The Risk Of Temperature Excursions With Thermal Mapping Study For Pharmaceutical Business

Eliminate The Risk Of Temperature Excursions With Thermal Mapping Study

Pharmaceutical products are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. Their storage and transportation need precisely monitored conditions to preserve their quality. Service providers in this sector should administer the same. Because, in case of any lapse, changes in the drug can be lethal to countless. This is where Vacker’s thermal mapping study services become so crucial.

Temperature Mapping is an integral part of cold chain management. It is an efficient way of ensuring that drugs maintain their integrity. This technology enables the concerned distributors to regulate and control the temperature to create a suitable environment for quality pharmaceutical products. Let’s learn more about the process.

Starting with the basics: What is a thermal excursion?

  • According to the World Health Organization, a temperature excursion occurs when a temperature-sensitive product in the pharmaceutical industry receives exposure to temperatures beyond the recommended range.
  • Temperature excursions can severely hamper the stability of drugs, causing physical and chemical changes in medicines. There is no room for error because of obvious reasons.
  • Since temperature is a natural element and is difficult to control, our temperature mapping and validation services come to the rescue.

What is thermal mapping study and validation?

  • Temperature mapping is the process of analyzing and examining whether the temperature-control systems, that are supposed to keep the pharmaceutical products safe, can do what they are supposed to.
  • It helps to understand whether a storage or transportation unit can uniformly maintain temperature levels. You can identify any abnormality or potential source of concern through a thermal mapping study.
  • Thermal validation is another related process aimed at finetuning and ensuring that the equipment, machines, and physical spaces that store or execute temperature control can carry out their function flawlessly.
  • Both the processes eliminate the chances of temperature excursions by precisely monitoring all the equipment involved in creating the proper environment for the safe storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products.

Why choose Vacker’s service?data logger

Temperature mapping and validation conducted by us is one-of-a-kind. Apart from the quality of service provided, we will also equip you with the following additional information to eliminate temperature excursions—

  • Presence of hot spots and ways to restore uniformity
  • Number of people and pieces of machinery that should ideally be in a given area
  • Behavioral difference between hot and cold months
  • The period for which products will be safe after a power failure

A Final Note:

Temperature excursion is the arch-nemesis of the pharmaceutical industry. If you want to manage a cold chain successfully or make yourself known as a reliable distributor, Vacker’s thermal mapping and validation is the way to go. Visit our detailed explanation of thermal validation and mapping study here. We also have a downloadable guide that provides an easy understanding of the entire process too. Let us help you execute your obligations as a part of the pharmaceutical industry successfully.

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