Thermo Hygrometer

VackerGlobal is a global company that has been supplying different kinds of devices for monitoring various environmental parameters such as humidity, temperature, air quality, etc. of a place. VackerGlobal supplies special two-in-one devices that can monitor both the temperature as well as humidity commonly known as “Thermo Hygrometer”. Our thermo-hygrometer comes with min/max reading and an alert system.

This thermo-hygrometer is also known as Climate Meter as they are capable of measuring two important factors of climate, namely, temperature and humidity. Vacker UAE collaborates with Trotec, Germany to bring the best kinds of thermo-hygrometers to the customers.

Types of Thermo Hygrometer

Generally, two types of thermo-hygrometers are supplied in various models by VackerGlobal. The main types of are indoor thermo hygrometer and outdoor thermo hygrometer. Indoor hygrometers are designed especially for the measurement of humidity and temperature of an enclosed location or living space. An outdoor thermo-hygrometers is designed to measure the temperature and humidity of an open spot. Vacker Global supplies both types of hand held models of thermo hygrometer as well as wall-mounting or desktop model of hygrometers.

1. Indoor Thermo Hygrometer Model BZ05

Thermo Hygrometer

Model BZ05 is the indoor thermo hygrometer supplied by our company with great accuracy and a reasonable price.

Special Features of Model BZ05

  1. It has the capability to display the current humidity and temperature with date and time.
  2. It also keeps the record of maximum and minimum temperature measured.
  3. It comes with an effective alarm system.
  4. It contains a large LCD display for crystal clear vision of reading.
  5. It is powered by an internal battery.
  6. It can indicate different levels of environmental conditions by showing optimal, acceptable or critical for people.
  7. It has the capability to measure temperature from 0 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius.
  8. It can accurately measure the temperature difference of 1 degree Celsius.
  9. It can measure humidity level from 10% RH to 90% RH.
  10. It is very small in size and easy to carry from one place to another.

2. Mobile Hygrometer Model BC06

Thermo Hygrometer

Some important features of model BC06 are as follows:

  1. It has the ability to display the current temperature and humidity.
  2. It can show the maximum and minimum recorded value of temperature as well as the humidity level.
  3. It comes with an automatic power off system and illumination system.
  4. It has a high range of temperature measurement capability. It can measure temperature ranging from -20 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius.
  5. It can detect and display temperature difference of 1 degree Celsius accurately and precisely.
  6. It is extremely easy to carry because of its small size and light weight. It only weighs around 140 gram and the size is only 146mm × 56 × 34mm.
  7. These hygrometers are specially designed to measure the climatic condition of the outdoor environment.
  8. It comes with an internally built battery system.

3. Professional Infrared Thermo Hygrometer T260

Thermo Hygrometer

This model is more sophisticated than its other counterparts and hence, is used for a professional purpose. It gives more accuracy in reading to the users. It is used for commercial purposes by different industries as well as researchers in the laboratory. It comes with a stylish outlook and easy to handle features. It has got many features that have made many professionals to choose this device over other models.


Some of the many features of the device are givens below:

  1. It contains control panel with a capacitive touchscreen.
  2. It uses infrared technology for the measurement of temperature.
  3. It is capable of measuring precise surface temperature due to its pyrometer function.
  4. It can detect and measure temperature difference as low as 0.4 degree Celsius.
  5. It can measure humidity from 0% RH to 100% RH.
  6. It only weighs about 295gm.

Vacker Dubai division supplies these meters in Dubai, Abudhabi,Sharjah, Ajman, AlAin, Fujeirah etc. Also, we supply to other regional cities such as Doha, Muscat, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Kuwait, Bahrain etc. Vacker Africa supplies these items in African countries covering Nigeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cameroon etc.

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