Vacker-profile-Cold-chain management

Vacker-profile-Cold-chain management

Vacker LLC is part of Vacker Group of companies involved in multiple field of activities.
Our divisions:
a. Cold Chain Management
b. Automation & Sensors Division
c. Engineering Services Division
d. Contracting Division
e. IT Division
Our Offices:
a. United States of America
b. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
c. Kuwait
d. Oman
e. India

Cryopak, part of TCP reliable Group, USA is a world leader and is involved in all aspects of Cold Chain Management Solutions for life sciences industry and food industry. Cryopak operates all around the world through its offices and manufacturing divisions at USA, Canada & France. Vacker Group is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has offices in UAE, India, Kuwait, Oman & USA. Vacker Group is the authorized regional partner of Cryopak, USA for offering entire range of Cold Chain Management Solutions in the Middle East countries.
Various products and services being offered in the Middle East are the following:

• Temperature& Humidity Mapping Study & Qualification
• Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers
• Real Time monitoring of Temperature & Humidity monitoring with alert systems for warehouses, cold rooms, vehicles etc.
• Thermal insulated Packaging solutions
• Dehumidifiers for Warehouses & Cold Rooms
• Cold Chain consultancy
4. Our Products and Services
a. Temperature & Humidity Mapping Study and Qualification

In brief temperature mapping is the process of analyzing the uniform distribution of temperature and humidity across the controlled area under various practical conditions. Temperature mapping and validation is carried out to analyze and ensure the uniformity of distribution across all areas of the controlled areas under real life conditions. The Typical applications are:
• Ware house
• Cold Room
• Walk in Chillers
• Refrigerators, Freezers
• Cold Storage
• Autoclaves
• Vehicle, Van & Reefers
• Reefers
• Passive and Active boxes

In a cold room, warehouse or reefer, the cooling units and corresponding sensors are placed at certain locations of the enclosed area. For storage of temperature sensitive products such as medicines or food, the temperature & humidity should be uniformly distributed so that all the goods are safely stored. There are lot of operations also involved such as opening of doors, presence of human beings which affect the temperature distribution. It is possible that certain areas such as near to a door, near to a wall etc. are at a higher temperature than desired temperature.

This study will analyze temperature and Humidity distribution across the entire area of the asset under various operational conditions and will certify that the asset is suitable for storage of the temperature sensitive products under the specified conditions.

Qualification / Validation
We are the only company based in the Middle East carrying out qualification of assets in line with European standards and American standards.

In order to qualify the asset, further tests and verifications are carried out on the asset and various installed equipment to certify that the entire asset is qualified for storage or transportation of the goods at the specified temperature. Qualification is carried out for Cold Room, Reefer, Vans etc. and is not applicable for warehouses. We recommend qualification for cold rooms & vans since most of the international companies are seeking qualification for these assets instead of temperature mapping study

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