New website of Vacker Group, Middle East

Vacker Group of companies is involved in various Engineering oriented business segments in all Middle East countries and in India. Vacker Group is having current activities in the following segments in different countries:

  1. Industrial Automation and Process automation. This segment of activities cover design, installation and testing an commissioning of various automation requirements
  2. Thermal Engineering. Temperature is the second most measured parameter in the world after time. Vacker provides various solutions to measure, monitor and control temperature and humidity.
  3. Cold chain management. Cold Chain is generally referred for all products which have to be stored and maintained in controlled temperatures. Examples include medicine, vaccine, food, body tissues etc. which have to be maintained under certain temperature limits. Vacker provides various products and solutions for cold chain segment.
  4. Dehumidifiers for reducing humidity and humidifiers for increasing humidity. There are many industrial and residential requirements to maintain humidity at specified limits. Eg. medicines have to be stored below 65 % humidity levels. This will require a dehumidifier. Vacker supplies dehumidifiers and humidifiers manufactured by Trotec, Germany
  5. Supply of Sensors. Vacker supplies numerous types of sensors for commercial and industrial applications. Few of the major types are motion sensors, occupancy sensors, PIR sensors etc.

Vacker group has published its new website for Middle East oriented business. The website has a full arabic version too which can be seen at Vacker will be slowly promoting its wide range of activities in the Middle East region.


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