iMini plus pdf Temperature Data logger

iMini plus pdf Temperature data logger is simple USB type plug and play device for recording temperature. The recording can be done by simple Start and Stop buttons.For downloading the data the data logger has to be connected to the PC through USB port and the data will be automatically generated in pdf & excel formats without need of any special software.

Technical details and manual of iMini Plus pdf Series Temperature Data Loggers & Dry Ice Data Logger

a. Software download – Please click here to download the latest Escort console plus software

b. Sample reports :
pdf report generated automatically without need of any software
Excel report generated by free software Escort Console pro

c. How to install the software Console plus – Video (1 Minute)


d. How to operate the iMini plus pdf data logger – video(1 Minute)


e. How to download data from the data logger – video (1.5 minutes)

f. How to check the alarms generated on the data logger – video (1.5 minutes)

g. How to program the iMini data logger – video (2 minutes)

h. Brochure for iMini plus series Temperature and Humidity data logger(pdf)

i. Brochure for iMini plus dry ice data logger (pdf)

j. Manual for Console pro software (pdf)