Food Processing & HACCP Thermometer

We supply various products and solutions for the food industry. These include measuring instruments required for mandatory measurements and recordings in linefood-thermometer-with-probe-HACCP with HACCP standards applicable for the food industry. Few of the products being supplied by us are listed here.

  1. IR Food thermometer with Probe

    Infrared food thermometer with probe has two measuring methods combined in a single device. The methods used for measurement are contact method of measurement and non-contact method of measurement. In contact method, we can measure the temperature using the probe for measuring the core temperature by inserting the probe into the food. In the non-contact method, we can measure the temperature of the surface by using Infrared measurement technology. In this method, the device generates an infrared ray to the surface. This infrared ray measures the temperature and is displayed on the display. This one instrument will serve your requirements of measuring temperature in your entire cooking process. more………

  2. Insertion Thermometer (Food core thermometer)

    Insertion thermometer has a long probe with an LCD display. These are also known as food core thermometer, insertion thermometer, penetration thermometer etc.
    The purpose of this thermometer is mainly to measure the temperature of food items during and after the process. The probe is food grade stainless steel. Also, we can use same in other industrial application such as construction industry, process industry etc. The wide range of temperature measurement (-40°C to 250°C) makes it suitable for wide range of applications. There are different models available for different ranges of temperature. more…………