Temperature tracking system for Vehicles, Vans and Trucks

For vehicles which carry critically temperature-sensitive items such as Medicine, Drugs, Vaccines, Food etc., it may be required that the temperature data need to be continuously monitored in real-time. These devices are used for monitoring refrigerated vans, reefers etc.

The system is a combination of GPS and GPRS communication modes.vehicle-temperature-tracking

GPS (Global Positioning System) is used to track the vehicle position throughout its journey. This is achieved through GPS satellites.

How the temperature tracking system works for vehicles

The tracking device is fitted in the vehicle preferably in the driver’s cabin. A couple of sensors can be connected from this device to the refrigerated compartment. Depending on the size of the vehicle, up to 4 sensors can be placed in the refrigerated vehicle for collecting data.vehicle-tracking-with-temperature-recording-alert

For transferring continuous data such as temperature, humidity etc.,  General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) through GSM network is used. This is data packet transmission similar to browsing the internet on mobile phones through GSM network. The data sampling and transmission interval can be programmed in the device. eg. an interval of 3 minutes means that the data will be transmitted every 3 minutes.

Alert system for Vehicle Temperature trackingvehicle-temperature-tracking-sms-phone-email-alert

An alert system also can be integrated which will generate email and SMS alerts in the event that the temperature exceeds the permitted levels. The email and SMS are generated by the software which collects data from each vehicle. Also, it is possible to generate SMS from a SIM card mounted in an auxiliary device in the vehicle. In this case, the SMS will be independent of the software and will not depend on the server connectivity and hence offers more reliability. Optionally a phone call alert also can be generated to 4 operators in the event of an alert.

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