Temperature Data Logger with Printer

This is a small printing thermometer for delivery vans. We can use this during transportation of medicines or similar circumstances to take a print out of recorded data of temperature.chart-printer-for-data-logger

As an example for transportation of medicine in a van or refrigerated truck, the driver can keep our  iLog series of data logger inside the van. While delivering these items, the driver can issue a print out of the entire recorded data to the customer without the need of any computer.

Applications of iLog Portable data logger with Printer

We can use the iLog printer model EI-CR with associated data loggers for the following applicadata-logger-report-in-duplicate-papertions:

  1. Record temperature of a van used for transportation of medicine, vaccine etc.
  2. We can use it as refrigeration truck data logger with printer.
  3. Record temperature of reefer trucks used for transportation of fruits, vegetables etc.
  4. If customer transports medicine in separate boxes for separate customers, record temperature of each box separately and issue a printout on delivery.
  5. The customer can check the graph before accepting the goods.
  6. The supplier can keep data logger inside the box until the goods reach the customer’s hands. At that point, the supplier can take a printout and show to the customer.


    Graph printed by data logger with printer

  7. There will not be any confusion of the temperature data during delivery from the van to customer’s doorsteps, refrigerator, cold room etc.
  8. This is not a thermal printer, hence the report will not fade over a period of time.

Features of iLog Printer for data loggers

Following are the main features of the portable data logger printer.

  1. We can use the printer as a recorder and printer.
  2. It operates on rechargeable battery.Printout of summary of data recorded by printer with data logger.
  3. It is compatible with any of our iLog series of Temperature & Humidity data loggers.
  4. The customer can use different data loggers with a single printer.
  5. It has an inbuilt  memory capacity of 1 MB, so that we can download this much of data from the data logger to the printer.
  6. We can take the printouts during the journey as and when required.
  7. The weight of the instrument is  1.1 kilograms.
  8. Dimension of the printer is 225mm x 120mm x 100mm.
  9. It is a dot matrix printer and hence the print will not fade over time. For thermal papers, the main disadvantage is that the printout is on a glossy paper. Hence the print will fade out in a couple of weeks.
  10. Carbon copy can be printed in dual-paper. The customer can retain one copy and the driver can retain another. The original can be handed over to the customer.
  11. The report will include the following details:
    • serial number of the data logger
    • identification number of the data logger
    • Number of readings
    • Sampling interval
    • Start and finish times
    • Alerts generated if any (High and low alert temperature above programmed alert levels).
    • Duration of alerts generated (total duration of the recording which has gone above or below the programmed levels).
    • Highest and lowest readings during the recording duration.

Applications of data logger with Printer

The printer is totally separate from the data logger. You can have one printer and use any iLog data logger with this printer.

The typical applications are when you have to keep the data logger inside a box, vehicle etc. You can issue a printed record at the time of delivery of goods. Few of such applications are:

  1. Delivery of medicines & vaccines in a thermally insulated box.
  2. Delivery of medicines & vaccines in a van,reefer etc.
  3. For refrigeration trucks, we can use it as data logger with a printer.
  4. Applications in healthcare and life care industry.
  5. Storage and transportation requirements in Pharmaceutical industry.
  6. Food and beverages industry.
  7. Transportation of Fruits and vegetables.
  8. Similar applications for delivery of food items.printer-separated-from-data-logger

The customer can use any model of iLog series of data loggers along with the printer. The iLog data loggers come with internal and external sensors for measuring temperature and humidity over a wide range of measurement.

Method of operating the printer for data logger

The operation is extremely simple to operate without any training.

The data logger will be in recording mode inside a vehicle, box etc. When you desire to take a print out of the record carry out the following procedure:

  1. Switch on the printer by pressing the ON/OFF button.
  2. Simply insert the data logger into the slot at the top of the printer.data-logger-mounted-on-printer
  3. Press the ‘Read’ button on the printer. The light will start blinking while downloading the data. Once the downloading is complete, the blinking will stop. Now the data of the data logger is completely downloaded to the printer.
  4. Press the ‘Graph’ button to generate a print out of the downloaded data. You will get the graph as per the above image.
  5. Press the ‘List’ button to generate the summary report of the recorded data. You may see the sample report above.
  6. Press the ‘Rearm’ button to reprogram the data logger. Now the data logger is ready to start recording once again.
  7. The data is now available in the printer. When a computer is available, the data can be downloaded to a computer.

If you are looking for a printer for fixing in the van with sensors running into the van compartment, please see our temperature recorder with a printer for vans. This device has two temperature sensors and multiple door sensors. The print out will show the recorded data, alerts and door openings.

For more models of single-use, disposable data loggers, please visit our online store.