Data Center Temperature Monitoring

data-center-monitoringData center monitoring and server room monitoring are important requirements of preventive maintenance. The customer needs to monitor various environment parameters like temperature, humidity, water leakage etc. We provide various solutions for such monitoring purposes with a phone call, SMS and email alert.

Data Center & Server Room Temperature & Environment Monitorinenvironment-monitoring-for-data-center-server-roomsg

Temperature Monitoring of Data Centers, Server Rooms, UPS Room, Battery Rooms and similar critical installations are extremely important to maintain efficient working of all equipment inside the room. The performance of the equipment is drastically affected by an increase in Temperature and Humidity and hence needs reliable systems. We have different products for standalone monitoring systems for connecting to a computer or server. Also, there are models which will work even if the entire server system is shutdown.

request-quote-vackerA. Independent Server room Temperature monitoring device

This system is especially useful for small/medium server rooms and such installations for keeping a constant check on critical parameters without the need of a UPS system. Features:temperature-door-opening-power-failure-monitoring-for-data-center-and-server-rooms

  1. A fully independent alert system which will continue to work even if the server system & power supply are down.
  2. Continuous recording on 3 locations ie. on the device, on a local computer or server, and on a cloud-based system.
  3. Battery backup which will last for a couple of days. Hence data will not be lost and alert system will function even in the case of power failure and computer network failure.
  4. Server connectivity to LAN through Ethernet cables or through secured WiFi connection. We can also provide Radio frequency-based systems if you require monitoring of a huge number of rooms.
  5. The software is free of charge to download. We have systems without any annual software charges.
  6. The customer can store the data & view the data over the web without the need for Static IP address.
  7. Continuous viewing is possible on smartphones, tablets, computer etc.
  8. The system can generate Email, Phone call & SMS alerts through a SIM card.
  9. The system will make a phone call to 8 operators continuously until one of them picks up the call and acknowledges.
  10. Water leakage, Humidity, Power failure, Smoke detection, door opening, temperature etc. can be combined in a single system. Any of these alerts will produce phone call & SMS alerts without the need of a computer and server.Server room data center environment monitoring

Advantages over typical rack-mounted systems

The advantages of this system over a typical rack-mounted data center temperature monitoring system are:

  1. Even if the computer connection is lost for any reason the device will continue to work giving further alarm and alerts.
  2. If the power fails, the recording and alert system will continue to work.
  3. The SMS and phone calls are SIM card based and not modem based and hence more reliable.
Video of server room monitoring system:

Video of remote monitoring on software:

The devices shown in the above system are TR-700W series. There are different models such as TR-701 AW,TR-701NW,TR-702AW,TR-702NW etc. TR-701 series is for Temperature alone whereas TR-702 series includes Humidity also. Various combinations of these systems can be used for different applications of a data center environment monitoring solution.rack-mounted-server-room-monitoring-UAE-Dubai-Abudhabi

B. Network Connected Server Room/ Data Center Temperature Monitoring

For facilities where server connected system is required, we provide rack-mounted systems. In this case, we can monitor all environmental, electrical and mechanical parameters.

request-quote-vackerRack mounted Data center environment monitoring system

These are rack mounted type and operates only through server connections. These are conventional systems used for any server room environmental monitoring systems. Major parameters which can be covered are listed here:

  1. The temperature of the room as well as individual panels or racks through separate sensors.
  2. Relative humidity of the room in percentage-RH.
  3. Light Level in Lux or Luminance inside the server room.rack-mounted-server-room-monitoring
  4. The presence or entry of human being/intrusion into the room.
  5. Water leakage from any part of the room or on the floor due to condensation of humidity. This will prevent flooding of the room due to condensation or water leakage.
  6. Any occurrence of smoke inside the data center.
  7. A fire inside the data center or server room.
  8. Failure of the compressor of a cooling unit. This will require auxiliary connections.
  9. Power failure inside the data center.
  10. Battery level of backup UPS system.
  11. Door opening of the room.
All these parameters can be integrated with an alert system which will generate a local alarm, SMS, Email and Voice call alerts. The customer can integrate the whole system into a remote system for critical monitoring. This forms an integrated data center monitoring system.


What is the difference from Item A?

Item A is also connected to a server system. However, the alert system and recording activities of Item A will continue to work even if the server is down and even during a power failure. Item B is fully dependent on a server system and will stop working as soon as the power or server is down.

Other temperature monitoring systems:

How to select a server room monitoring system?

Please read our article for an insight into major criteria in selection of a monitoring system

Vacker provides various types of server room monitoring systems in Dubai, Abudhabi, other Emirates of UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and other Middle East countries. Also, we provide these systems in African countries covering Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Djibouti, Cameroon etc. Please contact your nearest office for your requirements.