Refrigerator & Freezer Monitoring

freezer-refrigerator-vackerIt is essential to record the temperature and humidity of medical refrigerator & freezers used for critical items. Such critical items are medicine, vaccine, plasma, blood samples etc. If the temperature goes above or below the permitted temperature levels, there temperature-recording-and-alert-for-refrigeratorshould be alert to the operating personnel.  This way the customer can have centralized monitoring, recording and protection of hospital refrigerators and freezers. Our systems for medical refrigerator temperature monitoring will monitor and record continuously. They can provide an accuracy of up to +/- 0.1 Degree Celsius. We can monitor multiple units in different locations of a building. Also, we can connect to an existing LAN or WiFi connection. This way all the data of each medical refrigerator will be continuously available on a PC or over the internet. This system is suitable for centralized monitoring for storage of medicines, vaccines, human tissues, samples, food etc. stored under controlled conditions. The same system can be used for walk-in chillers, cold rooms, medical fridges, warehouse etc. with expansion units.refrigerator-monitoring-scheme-drawing-fullsize

Freezer & Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring Data Logger with alerts

We can install remote medical refrigerator temperature monitoring alarms for all type of new and old types of medical refrigerators and freezers. You can install the display unit on the outer body of the medical fridge. We will place the sensors inside the units either through the wall of the units or through the gaskets on the door.

request-quote-vackerFeatures of refrigerator temperature monitoring with Alarm

  1. This is a data logger which records the temperature of the medical refrigerator. It also activates alarms through an electrical contact (We also have cloud-based alert systems).
  2. It is suitable for connection to any existing installations.refrigerator-temperature-monitoring-alarm
  3. For hospitals, a wireless system is ideal, which will not interrupt the functioning of the hospital.
  4. Wireless and wired versions of data loggers are available. The sensors of such medical refrigerator temperature monitoring alarms will communicate either on WiFi, Rf or Zigbee protocol.
  5. They can provide an accuracy of up to +/- 0.1 Deg. Celsius. This is comparable to all other data loggers available for similar applications.
  6. The sampling rate is programmable from 5 seconds to 1 hour. For medical fridge temperature monitoring, a sampling interval of 1 minute to 3 minutes is adequate.Refrigerator-temperature-monitoring-wireless
  7. It is possible to program each device for each medical fridge separately. We do programming for the upper and lower limits of temperature. Also, different compartments of the same medical fridge can have different threshold limits. If the readings exceed these limits for a certain duration, it will generate alerts.
  8. It is possible to connect each device to two adjacent medical refrigerators. Also, it is possible to connect two different compartments of the same medical refrigerator. Hence one device is sufficient for monitoring of two adjacent refrigerators. We have different models which can connect up to 10 refrigerators to a single device.
  9. We can connect the local Temperature Alarm which generates an audible alarm upon an alert event. It is possible to connect each refrigerator alarm separately for each unit. Alternatively, we can provide a common alarm for a room containing multiple units.
  10. A separate phone call (with recorded voice message), Email and SMS alert system can be a standby system. It makes separate phone calls for each refrigerator alarm.
  11. We store the data over our free web storage space without the need for a Static IP address (This is applicable to certain models only).
  12. Measurements from -200 Deg. Centigrade onwards is possible based on the sensors. These are for cryogenic applications.
  13. It is better to configure a delay timing to avoid false alerts when opening the refrigerator-temperature-graphsdoor of the medical fridge repeatedly. Also, it is ideal to immerse the sensor in a special liquid such as Glycol. This will act as a dampener for avoiding false detection on such sudden fluctuations (Please see our article on the usage of liquid glycol/glycerin bottle in a medical refrigerator).
  14. Monitor temperature & humidity of multiple freezers and refrigerators. There is no limit to the number of connected refrigerators since the system is cloud-based.
  15. Customer can view the data remotely: See video of browser-based free software.

A phone call, SMS, Email alerts and local Alarm for Temperature excursions of Refrigerator & Freezer

In the case of a temperature excursion, it will generate the following alerts.

  1. It will generate phone calls to 10 operators in a sequential manner. Upon attending the phone call, it will deliver a customized voice message. This message will contain the type and location of the fault. It will make the phone calls repeatedly until someone attends the phone and acknowledges the call.
  2. It will also deliver SMS messages to the same operators or a different set of operators based on the type and location of the fault. We can configure the SMS to convey the exact ttemperature-monitoring-graphemperature at the time of occurrence and the locations.
  3. It will send Email alerts to 4 email ids indicating the time, location and the exact temperature readings.
  4. Also, you can connect a local siren to alert a local operator or a security staff.
Refrigerator temperature monitoring through WiFi monitoring

The WiFi system has all of the above features. However, the major difference is that the communication is through WiFi communication channels. It does not require any special transmitters or receivers. The communsensor-connection-for-refrigerator-monitoringication will be through an existing WiFi network. Each temperature data logger of medical fridge temperature monitoring will transmit the data continuously. The customer can program transmission for periods such as once in every 60 seconds. It will transmit data to a local server network and onto the internet.

We recommend WiFi or Wireless connections for medical fridges to have flexibility. You may constantly need to move or relocate the refrigerators. Also, you will need to take out the same for maintenance or repair. In the case of wireless connections, you do not have to worry about disconnecting and reconnecting the LAN connection.

request-quote-vackerGuidelines on how to select a monitoring system for refrigerators and freezers?

For deciding the type of monitoring system, you may follow the guidelines as below:

  1. First of all, you have to decide whether you want to record only the temperature or whether you need humidity also. Generally, you will need to record only the temperature. Humidity inside a refrigerator will always be high due to frequent door opening. Also, it is difficult to control the humidity inside a refrigerator.
  2. If you have single refrigerators across different rooms, you may go for a small device with a single sensor with WiFi connectivity. You may not want wires to pass through different rooms.
  3. If you have 3 to 4 refrigerators in the same room, you may go for a system which has 4 sensors.
  4. You may note that each compartment of the refrigerator will need one sensor each. So if a refrigerator has two compartments with separate doors, you will need two sensors.
  5. If you have 8 or more refrigerators in the same room, you may go for a system which can connect to a big screen. In such a case you can see all the readings and the alert on a single screen.
  6. You may not need Phone call alerts from each refrigerator. You can decide this based on the critical nature of the items in each medical refrigerator.
  7. If your power supply is not dependable, you will need devices with battery backup. Even in case of power failure, you should not lose the data.
  8. Also, you may prefer to receive a separate critical alert in case of power failure. Needless to say, this power failure alert system for refrigerators should have battery backup. Otherwise, it will not generate a phone call alert in case of a power failure.
  9. The data transmission will not happen in case of a power failure. However, it should store the data in the device and transmission should happen when the power comes back. This will be a useful feature even if your power supply is dependable.
  10. There are cloud-based phone call alert systems and SIM card based phone call and SMS alert systems. The SIM card based alert system will work even in case of a power failure. However, the cloud-based alert system will stop functioning as soon as the power fails.
  11. Most importantly you have to check the annual subscription charges. You may prefer to buy a system without any monthly or annual charges. There are systems available which do not require any annual charges. However such systems also will charge for SMS and phone call charges. While comparing different vendors, you may evaluate a 5-year expenditure including annual charges.
  12. If you are in the United States, you may require a system complying with 21 CFR Part 11. However, this is not mandatory in most of the other parts of the world, as per their local regulations. Obviously refrigerator monitoring systems complying to 21 CFR Part 11 will be costly.
  13. If you prefer, you can look for a system which automatically sends you a weekly or monthly recorded data.
  14. Most of the monitoring systems store the temperature and humidity data in their cloud platform. You can download the recorded data periodically. You may check the duration for which the supplier stores this data. You may prefer to have indefinite storage on their cloud system. Alternatively, you should be able to download the data periodically to your local server.
  15. You also have to check the sampling interval, which is the frequency of data recording. For a refrigerator with very sensitive items, you may need a sampling interval of 1 minute to 3 minutes. However, for a refrigerator with normal items, you may decide a sampling interval of 5 to 10 minutes. While selecting a system you have to check whether you can program a sampling interval from 30 seconds onwards.
  16. You should be able to program a delay timer before generating an alert. This is very important for a refrigerator since there will be frequent door openings. As an example, consider a refrigerator of 2 – 8 Deg. C. You may program that the system should make an alert only after a delay period of 5 minutes after the temperature rises above 8 Deg C. Otherwise you will receive repeated false alarms.
  17. Do you require that the system should generate a phone call if the door is in an open condition for a long time? There are monitoring systems with such features.
  18. Also, you have to check the data policy of your organisation. Some organisations do not want to connect their systems to a cloud-based server. They require that the entire software and the data should be only on their own server. Most of the systems have limitation to provide the same. We have seen such a policy especially for very big organisations, hospitals, airlines etc.
  19. There are refrigerator monitoring systems with or without a screen display. You can decide this based on your requirements. The devices with a display will be costlier than the one without a display.
  20. You may note that a single system may not be able to incorporate all of the above requirements. Hence you have to select your priorities to select the correct solution.
  21. You have to decide the type of alerts that are ideal for you. ie. Email, SMS, and phone call alerts. Also please check how many operators will receive the alerts. You may prefer that for different refrigerators, different operators should receive the alerts. eg. refrigerators in one room will be in control of one operator and another floor will be in control of another operator. Look for such features too.
We have different solutions meeting different criteria from the above list. We will assist you to select the right system. Please send your enquiry to our central sales department and your nearest office will contact you offering you a free consultation.
Other temperature monitoring systems:
  1. Real-time monitoring systems for data centres and server rooms
  2. Real-time monitoring systems for Cold rooms and warehouses
  3. Wireless temperature monitoring
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