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Marine atmospheric conditions are highly humid and are harmful to all living beings, machinery, stored items etc. Typically, such marine conditions are ships, buildings in sea shore, onshore and offshore rigs, oil exploration platforms,  islands etc. The humidity in such conditions will be as high as 80-90%. Also, it will be a saline environment and a dehumidifier should withstand such conditions.

What is the difference of Marine dehumidifiers?

The operational principle of these models are same as other dehumidifiers and work on the technical principle of condensation, The humidity is condensed and converted into water. The difference in marine dehumidifiers is that these machines have to work continuously removing high volumes of moisture. A condensation dehumidifier in normal atmospheric condition need not work continuously. Based on the settings of hygrostat, the machine automatically stops upon achieving the desired humidity. Thereafter it will restart when the room humidity increases once again. This switching ON and OFF cycle happens repeatedly. So generally in normal applications, the machine water-pump-for-marine-dehumidifierwill have continuous ON and OFF cycles. However, a dehumidifier in a marine atmosphere will have to work continuously because of very high humidity levels. We have to expect that it may never get a chance to go into the OFF cycle.

Dehumidifier model TTK 800 for marine conditions by Trotec, Germany

This dehumidifier is  a high capacity dehumidifier designed for continuous operation. This can operate even at an ambient temperature of zero degree centigrade and has an automatic defrost system. The high capacity and wide operating range make it suitable for marine applications.

Technical details of TTK800 marine dehumidifier

Brief technical details of TTK 800 marine dehumidifier are listed below:

  1. Dehumidification performance At 20 °C temperature and 60 % RH is 55 liter per day.
  2. Dehumidification performance At 30 °C temperature and 80 % RH is 110 liter per day.
  3. Maximum dehumidification performance of the machine is 150 liter per day.
  4. Maximum air volume capacity is 940 cubic meter per hour.principle-of-marine-dehumidifier-TTK800
  5. Recommended room size for construction drying is 800.00 cubic meter.
  6. Recommended room size for dry keeping is 1,600.00 cubic meter.
  7. It can operate at an ambient temperature from 0°C to 40°C.
  8. It can operate at an ambient humidity from 35%RH to 100%RH.
  9. Sound level at a distance of 3 meters from the dehumidifier is 60 dBA only.
  10. The weight of this marine dehumidifier is 70 kg and has wheels for easy movement.
  11. Hygrostat and water pump can be fitted as optional accessories.
  12. Dimensions of the dehumidifier is 585mm (Length) x 630 mm (Width) x 1,020 mm (Height).
  13. It has a radial fan with high blower capacity for better air circulation.
  14. It has a hot gas auto defrost system which is useful for operating at low temperatures.
  15. High-quality steel frames suitable for operation in heavy-duty applications.
  16. The air filter can be easily removed and cleaned without any special tools.
  17. It operates on 230V, 50 Hz electric power supply.

Select dehumidifier based on your application

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